Vivek Rmamaswamy: Indian-American US presidential aspirant Vivek Ramaswamy calls for stronger ties with India to reduce reliance on China | India News

NEW DELHI: Indian-American Republican presidential contender Vivek Ramaswamy has emphasized the need for stronger diplomatic ties with India, South Korea, and Japan in order to decrease the United States’ economic reliance on China and Taiwan.
While attacking another Indian-American Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, who had slammed him for his inexperience on foreign policy issues, 38-years-old Ramaswamy said, “We will enter a stronger partnership with India that involves an Indian commitment to close the Malacca Strait in the event of a near-term conflict with Taiwan, and enter stronger partnerships with other allies including South Korea and Japan to reduce our economic dependence on China and Taiwan.”
The entrepreneur-turned-politician said he favours strategic clarity and advocated that the US must defend Taiwan vigorously until America achieves semiconductor independence, then resume the posture of strategic ambiguity when the stakes are lower for the US.
Ramaswamy stated, “The American way of life depends on leading-edge semiconductors manufactured in Taiwan, and we can’t risk China gaining near-total leverage over the entire US economy.”
The US should also fortify its own homeland defence, which is at present dangerously vulnerable to major conflicts with China, he said, adding this includes improving nuclear, super electromagnetic pulse, cyber and space defence capabilities.
His campaign said that Ramaswamy is the only US Presidential candidate to date who has clearly stated that the US will defend Taiwan.
“I am the only Presidential candidate willing to state what is necessary: we will defend Taiwan. The US currently doesn’t even recognise Taiwan as a nation. Democrats and Republicans both unquestioningly endorse the ‘one China’ policy and embrace “strategic ambiguity” toward the island,” Ramaswamy said.
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