Pregnant ‘Ellen’ Star Sophia Grace Brownlee Gives Viewers a Glimpse at Her Baby Shower

Sophia Grace Brownlee, the social media star who went viral after rapping a Nicki Minaj hit on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, celebrated her baby shower.

Last year, the 19-year-old influencer revealed her pregnancy with an excited video on YouTube. She’s expecting a baby boy!

On Saturday (January 21), Sophia Grace offered fans a front row seat at her baby shower as her due date approaches. She did so by sharing another video on YouTube.

In it, she documented various parts of the special day, including the decorations and guest list, which was made up of only women.

In case you were wondering, one very special guest was definitely in attendance – the star’s cousin and hype woman Rosie McClelland. Her younger cousin even got to play a special role in the day by moderating one of the shower games.

Since announced her pregnancy in October, Sophia Grace has reacted to criticisms of her becoming a mother at such a young age.

Press play on Sophia Grace Brownlee’s baby shower video below…

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