Munavvar put his hand on Anjali’s chest in Kangana’s show, video went viral

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is hosting a new show on screen. The discussion of her show Lockup is being seen everywhere at this time. Kangana Ranaut, who has always been in the middle of controversies, has made a bang in the TV world through this show. This show of the actress is doing very well these days. There are many representatives in the show who are kept as prisoners.

A new video of this show is becoming quite viral on social media, in which Tu Tu Main Main is seen among the contestants. After all, what is the secret of Munavwar and Anjali’s quarrel. A new video of the show has surfaced. A war of words is going on between the participants. Let me tell you that Anjali, who became famous by dancing on the song Kachha Badam, and comedian Munavvar are the pride of this show. Fans like both a lot.

The show has been in controversies since its inception, it can be clearly seen in this video that Munavvar and Anjali are having an argument, when Munavvar puts his hand on Anjali’s chest in the midst of all this, everyone’s reaction is interesting to watch. This video became quite viral on seeing it. This video is being liked a lot on social media.Anjali arora shared bo*ld photos of bathroom, trolled on social media

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Let me tell you that Munawar Farooqui and Anjali Arora have been in the news since the beginning of Kangana Ranaut’s show Lock Up. Recently they were seen expressing Izhar-e-Ishq, after which fans have started liking their pair. However, the show’s contestant Poonam Pandey is not liking their closeness. In such a situation, she has attacked the personal life of Munawwar.

For information, let us tell you that in a recent episode, Anjali told Munavvar ‘I love you’, which made him blush. This video of both of them became very viral on social media. After this Sayesha also showed her interest in Munawwar and told how she has started falling in love with him.Anjali Arora showed off her Besharam Rang wearing netted top and shorts, you will sweat after seeing it!

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