Malaika had to listen to taunts when Arjun Kapoor hid his face, pictures of Riya Kapoor’s birthday party went viral

Sonam Kapoor’s elder sister Rhea Kapoor had a birthday recently. On this occasion, he gave a birthday party. From Bhumi Pednekar to Sonam Kapoor attended the party. Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor looted the most in this party. See the pictures.

Riya Kapoor’s birthday party, Arjun hid his face

March 5 was Riya Kapoor’s birthday. Many Bollywood stars attended Anil Kapoor’s elder daughter Rhea’s birthday bash.

Arjun hid his face and got trolled

Arjun Kapoor was seen hiding his face in the car. Fans got angry seeing this style. Along with Arjun, Malaika also had to listen to taunts.

Malaika had to listen to taunts

On hiding Arjun Kapoor’s face, some users advised that what to fear if you love. Whereas some dragged Malaika. He taunted the actress.

Riya’s party took place at midnight

Rhea Kapoor celebrated her 35th birthday on March 5 with close friends and family. All the celebs attended Riya’s midnight birthday bash on Saturday.

Malaika gave a lot of poses

Of course Arjun Kapoor started covering his face after seeing paparazzi but Malaika did not turn away. She was seen posing fiercely.

Bhumi Pednekar arrived with sister

Along with Bhumi Pednekar, her sister Samiksha Pednekar also appeared in the party. Bhumi wore a black outfit.

Sonam kapoor very happy

Sonam Kapoor also carried a black outfit. She reached sister’s party smiling like this.

Sonam Kapoor’s fun

Sonam Kapoor had a lot of fun on Rhea Kapoor’s birthday. Special post for sister also shared on social media.

Birthday girl did not come out

Riya Kapoor was not seen outside on the occasion of the birthday. No picture of her even surfaced on the birthday. Upcoming Maruti Cars 2023 : 4 Upcoming Maruti Strong Hybrid Cars – High On Mileage, Check details

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