Kim Zolciak Still Hopes Kroy Will Withdraw Divorce Filing (Again)

Earlier this year, Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak split up, began their divorce process, smeared each other’s names, and then reconciled.

Awkward, but it happens.

Now, Kroy has filed for divorce again. This time, he means it, apparently.

Kim has seemed defeated but sounds optimistic that things can work out again. But, for now, there’s no stopping this less-than-amicable divorce.

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann are at a Kentucky Derby hat contest on May 6, 2017 in Yonkers, New York in this photo. (Getty)

On Saturday, eyewitnesses spotted Kim Zolciak looking emotionally drained while speaking on the phone.

Obviously, we do not know the contents of the call. Or even if the call had anything to do with her emotional state.

At the time, Page Six reports, Kim was making her way into her church while wearing sweatpants and a crop top.

Kim and Kroy are seen here during much better and happier times. (Instagram)

The broader context is that, last week, Kroy Biermann once again moved to end his marriage to Kim Zolciak.

This was nearly two months after the two called off their initial divorce, withdrawing their filings. They were trying to work it out.

Kim and Kroy had filed for divorce in May of this year. This came a dozen years after they married in 2011.

Kim Zolciak and her estranged husband are very much over. They’re saying very mean things about each other. (instagram)

In Kroy’s (new) divorce filing, he claimed that the former couple’s union is “irretrievably broken.”

He is requesting sole legal and physical custody of all four of their minor children.

That means 12-year-old Kroy Jr. (KJ), 11-year-old Kash, and 9-year-old twins Kaia and Kane.

Kroy Biermann Selfie with Kim Zolciak
Kim Zolciak looks incredible in her bikini in this steamy selfie. Her hunky husband Kroy Biermann snapped this in 2018. (Instagram)

That’s not all.

Kroy is seeking child support and alimony payments from Kim.

Additionally, he is requesting exclusive use of their marital home. In other words, he wants the kids and the house.

Kim Zolciak and her estranged husband can’t seem to decide what their future holds. (Instagram)

Remember, late this spring and early this summer, things instantly became nasty in a public way.

Kroy accused Kim of a financially devastating addiction to gambling. Kim accused Kroy of having substance abuse issues and possible brain damage.

Oh, and the police visited their home.

In May of 2023, Kim Zolciak appeared on police bodycam footage after a dispute with her husband. Things did not sound good at all. (Milton Police Department)

It wasn’t a traditional emergency, but an example of rich white quasi-celebrities calling the police as if they were customer support.

Incidentally, reports say that Kim and Kroy’s harsh words on police bodycam footage actually led them to fight more after they reconciled.

There are things in this world that you can never unsay.

Seems impossible to believe now, but Kroy and Kim were once a very happy couple. (Instagram)

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Kim Zolciak is speaking optimistically about Kroy having a potential change of heart. She’s also wearing her ring out in public.

However, they checked with Kroy’s attorney, who confirmed that “he is still moving forward with the divorce action.”

Once again, they are on totally different pages when it comes to their future. Or, at this point, futures.

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