Jahnavi Kapoor’s dress flew in the air, publicly became a victim of Oops moment, video became increasingly viral

Janhvi Kapoor Oops Moment: In this era of social media, we keep getting instant updates of Bollywood stars. When she comes out of the house even a little bit, the media people start following her with cameras. Fans also like to watch the daily life of these stars. Especially many people like to copy the fashion and style of these celebs. The glamor that Bollywood is full of coot-coot is on the basis of this style and fashion. However, sometimes Bollywood heroines also become victims of Oops Moment in the wake of fashion.

Janhvi Kapoor becomes victim of Oops Moment

Oops Moment is when a celeb’s dress gets messed up and by mistake a large part of their body gets caught on camera. Now one such Oops moment happened with Janhvi Kapoor. Everyone likes to see Janhvi Kapoor with innocent face and bubbly nature. Her style is always in trend. At the same time, many people are crazy about her hotness. But recently Janhvi found her style a bit expensive.

Skirt blown in the wind

Janhvi Kapoor was going towards the building in her car as usual. During this the media people came with cameras and started taking their pictures and videos. However, the actress was in a hurry, so she did not pose well and quickly left. However, while doing so, suddenly a gust of wind came and blew Janhvi’s skirt in the air.

Jhanvi turned red with shame

As soon as Janhvi’s skirt blew in front of the media, she turned red with shame. She immediately tried to cover the body by lowering the skirt. After this she left from there blushing. This entire incident was caught on camera and now its video is also becoming very viral on social media.

People had fun

After this incident, people enjoyed Janhvi Kapoor a lot. One user wrote, ‘Why do you wear such clothes if you can’t handle it?’ While the other wrote ‘the fun kept on coming’. At the same time, many people had fun by making laughing emoji. Although some people also came in support of Janhvi Kapoor.

A female user said that ‘we all have been victims of oops moment at some point in our lives. The only difference is that the camera does not follow us for 24 hours, so we do not go viral. On the other hand, this is common with these celebs as well, just the camera captures this thing and then they have to pay the price of being a celebrity. Bo*ld Web series: This web series of OTT is full of bo*ldness, left the ashram behind, know the name

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