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BENGALURU: The Indian Space Association (ISpA) on Friday said it has partnered with IIT-Madras (IITM) and US Consulate General, Chennai and announced the formation of a working group of associations of various nations called Association of Space Entrepreneurs in the Indo Pacific (ASEIP).
“ASEIP will later transcend to Association of associations and to build on to this momentum, ISpA in collaboration with IITM has also released a white paper on ‘Space Upstream and Downstream Opportunities and Challenges for Indo-Pacific countries’ which helps understand the underlying rationale behind international collaboration, scientific research and development, Space entrepreneurship and business, and Space policy,” an ISpA statement read.
The working group will include one leading association from India, the US, Japan and Australia while ISpA would be the founding member representing India.
ASEIP will be responsible to bring together stakeholders and associations in the space technology sector to mentor and support emerging entrants to the industry internationally, ISpA said, adding that it will also explore ways to optimise business opportunities and serve as an international lobby for government policy in India, the US and Indo-Pacific countries.
“The decision was made as an outcome of a virtual discussions between domain experts from many Indo-Pacific countries, spread over many months, finally culminating into the Space Technology Conclave organised by ISpA, IIT Madras, and the US Consulate General in Chennai,” ISpA said.
The conclave saw more than 15 nations participate. Wing Commander (retd) Satyam Kushwaha, director, ISpA, said: “As we witness the private space revolution across nations, with more startups emerging, this is an appropriate time to bring the network of space startups and other players, along with their respective government policymakers, face to face with their international counterparts in India, the United States, and the Indo Pacific countries.”
ASEIP’s formation, Kushwaha said, will broaden the scope of international space activity, open up a dialogue on the issues faced by the stakeholders, explore collaborative opportunities and models, and synthesise a way forward for all collectively and serve as a cohesive voice for orchestrating international space cooperation.

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