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VIJAYAPURA: A two-year-old boy fell into a defunct open borewell in Indi taluk in Karnataka’s Vijayapura on Wednesday evening, reports Sangamesh Menasinakai. The boy, trapped at a depth of 15-20 feet, was seen able to breathe, said rescuers.
A camera was dropped in the borewell to capture the situation. Subsequently, oxygen pipes were also lowered. A parallel well was dug up to 10 feet deep by late at night.Satvik Satish Mujagond was playing on his grandparents’ farm on the outskirts of Lachyana village when he tumbled into the borewell. SDRF, health, fire and emergency officials have started the rescue operation, said police.
Mujagond family dug a new borewell on Tuesday. “Upon finding water, they removed the casing pipe from the defunct borewell and installed it in the new one. But the old borewell remained open leading to the tragedy,” said villager Basavaraj Kumbar. Sugarcane and lime crops grown on the four-acre farmland had begun to wither due to severe drought, prompting the family to dig the new borewell.
This is the third such incident of a child falling into a borewell in Vijayapura. In 2008, a four-year-old girl fell into a borewell in Chadachan taluk; in 2014, a three-year-old girl fell into a borewell in Dyaberi village. Both children didn’t survive.

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