Whitney Port’s Husband Tim Rosenman Clarified His Thoughts About Her Looking Too Thin, Thinks She’d Look ‘Hotter’ With ‘Another 10 to 15 Pounds’ | Tim Rosenman, Whitney Port | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Whitney Port sparked a big conversation around body image and having a healthy relationship with food this summer.

After first sharing that her husband, Tim Rosenman, and fans, had mentioned she was looking a bit too thin following a selfie she shared on the beach, the 38-year-old has made it a point of conversation on her podcast, With Whit.

Since then, Whitney has been open up about her relationship with food, and how she didn’t feel like she had put herself first when it came to it.

Now, Tim is speaking out about his initial concerns and explaining his stance on the situation.

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In the episode, Tim shared with Whitney what he was first thinking when he did tell her his thoughts.

“I was concerned that you could be hotter with 10 or 15 more pounds, and maybe that’s f****d up,” he said. “I think you quoted me as saying I was concerned and yes your right, that opened up the press and everyone else to be like the husband is concerned. Whitney must have an eating disorder. We should set the record straight ok. I guess that’s on me to say what I meant by my concern.”

He continued, saying that after seeing the photo she took at the beach, he found she looked “very skinny and you often don’t finish your meals and so I was concerned that you were just too thin from an aesthetic point of view, which that might open me up to me being an a**hole or whatever.”

“But personally I prefer you with another like 10 to 15 pounds on you, from a looks point of view,” Tim added. “Now it is easy to see someone who is underweight and think they have an eating disorder. Right off the bat, there’s a total double standard because You would be crucified if you did, and rightfully so.”

Whitney chimed in then, saying, “No one should ever really say anything about someone’s weight, unless they really feel like they are unhealthy.”

“I am not worried about your health because I have intimate knowledge… I know them all,” he told Whitney. “I was just concerned if you had some kind of strained relationship with food, with appearance, with being in the public eye. People took what I said and gave you an eating disorder and you’re ‘unhealthy’ and all this stuff and that is just not the case.”

Listen to the full episode below:

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