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Mischa Barton recently shared some intimate details about her off-screen romance with The O.C. costar Ben McKenzie during her Call Your Daddy podcast appearance. The actress, who landed the role of Marissa Cooper at the tender age of 17, divulged that the chemistry between her and McKenzie’s character Ryan Atwood wasn’t confined to the screen alone. Yet, she described their relationship as “kind of complicated.”

Reflecting on her youth and inexperience at the time, Barton said, “I was essentially a kid, still a virgin, trying to grow up fast amidst people who were more seasoned than me. The idea of navigating relationships on the show was daunting because I felt unprepared. I was a late bloomer who hadn’t really explored dating.”

Mischa Barton and Ben MeKenzie
Adam Brody, Mischa Barton, and Ben McKenzie at a party to promote the new season of their FOX TV show “THE O.C.” in Manhattan.(Photo by Adam Nemser/PHOTOlink)

Barton also spoke about the challenges the age difference posed between her and her older costars, including the then-25-year-old McKenzie. This gap, she revealed, added a layer of complexity to her interactions both on and off the set, marking a series of ‘firsts’ for her. “That distinction made integrating with them slightly more difficult, especially since I wasn’t living independently in L.A. at that point,” she remarked.

From the start, Barton found her relationship with McKenzie to be a source of overwhelming pressure. “It was daunting that our relationship started almost immediately. I remember being whisked away with Ben at just 17, which caused quite the stir,” she recounted. “The producers even approached my parents about it. It was quite the situation.”

Ben MeKenzie
Ben McKenzie at a party to promote the new season of his FOX TV show “THE O.C.” in Manhattan. (Photo by Adam Nemser/PHOTOlink)

Despite the tumultuous nature of their romance, Barton credits their genuine connection for helping fuel the on-screen passion between Ryan and Marissa, particularly in memorable scenes like their first kiss on a Ferris wheel. “Even though there was a point where we practically couldn’t stand each other, the intense tension between us was undeniable and really sold those moments on the show,” she explained.

In reflecting on their whirlwind relationship and its conclusion, Barton acknowledged that ending things was her decision, driven by the need to distance herself from what had become an overwhelming situation. Nonetheless, she admitted that the dynamic they shared contributed significantly to the beloved narratives of The O.C., resonating deeply with fans.


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