What Happened to Johnny Depp’s Teeth?

From iconic movie roles to legal courtroom battles, Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp has continued to make headlines over the years. In addition to his professional endeavors and personal struggles, Depp’s rotting teeth also bizarrely became the centre of discussion among fans. The Charlie And The Chocolate Factory actor’s browning teeth have long been a subject of scrutiny. The topic came under spotlight once again and sparked discussion among fans when Depp attended the The Cannes Film Festival for his comeback film Jeanne du Barry last year. The year 2022 kept Depp in the news with the infamous Depp v Heard trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard. But with his dental features sparking scrutiny  in the wake of his comeback, one needs to delve into the veteran actor’s life to understand the cause of his rotting teeth. While these ideas break notions of a ‘conventional’ good look in the film industry, what is the story behind Johnny Depp’s teeth? Let’s Find out. 

What is the story behind Johnny Depp’s Teeth?

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Every tooth holds a smile, so does the smile that it brings along. For Depp, his teeth have allowed him to absorb his characters and make it more relatable. However, other incidents in life have characterised the way Johnny Depp’s teeth are. It is only partially by personal choice. For starters, fight scenes during movies made him lose parts of tooth leading to dental accidents. For certain films like Pirates of the Caribbean, the actor purposely got a golden tooth to portray the iconic character of pirate Jack Sparrow. There are also speculations about the actor’s battle with substance abuse like his alleged chain smoking habits on sets of movies such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas as reasons behind his bad teeth. Smoking does contribute to yellowing of teeth. The actor also accepted in an interview that he consumes wine often, which can hint at his rotting teeth. 

A 2005 Rolling Stone interview also revealed that the From Hell actor had a rough childhood where he spent years “poisoning himself.” Depp started abusing cigarettes, alcohol and drug use from the age of 12 to “numb the residual pain from my youth.” Depp also tried Cocaine, but it never suited him, as revealed by his friend. The friend said, “It’s a deep-rooted issue that he’s dealt with.” These have left a lasting impact decades later on the Sherlock Gnomes actor. 

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There are also possibilities that hint at dental prosthetics that can have lasting impacts on one’s dentistry. Moreover, the Rum Diary actor is also known to maintain a unique sense of style in public, which is catalysed by his ageing experiences. Possibilities are that due to age and trauma his teeth have undergone enamel erosion or teeth yellowing, making his teeth look “rotten”. Due to such challenging roles and demands of the Hollywood industry, there are high chances that the actor has undergone cosmetic dentistry procedures. These include teeth whitening, dental implants, getting white veneers, among others. The Tourist actor is also known to have a sense of authentic aesthetic and therefore keeps experimenting with dental accessories from time to time, flaunting his teeth the way they are. 

Did Johnny Depp fix his ‘rotting teeth’ ?

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Fans took to various platforms like X and Instagram to talk about the actor’s rotting teeth. Comments like “Johnny Depp’s teeth are literally ROTTING” surfaced. Celebrity dentist Dr. Apa then took to Page Six and revealed how it is just a case of wear and tear. Dr. Apa said, “He has wear, which has been a cumulative effect over a lifetime. Wear like that, sometimes we see it in 30-year- olds in really aggressive cases and sometimes we see it in cases like Depp.” The dentist recommended porcelain veneers that would help reverse wearing. The doctor says, “I would do veneers because he needs his bite reestablished. He’s worn his teeth down so much.” These veneers can reestablish the colour and shape of the tooth, helping bring back the structure. The doctor also mentioned that espresso and cigarillos can be a contributor to his stained teeth. But the 60 year old actor has undergone treatment. In a 1995 interview with Premiere magazine, the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actor said, “I’ve got loads of cavities. I had a root canal done eight years ago that’s unfinished. It’s like a rotten little stub.” He also went on to add, “It’s like when the Indians would make something beaded, they would always put imperfections on it. I’m proud of these.” The Cannes film festival and the actor’s yellow teeth have gotten the attention back to him after years. 

Johnny Depp’s teeth before and after

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Johnny Depp was spotted at the Cannes Festival that opened with his latest film Jeanne du Barry. It is a drama film with Depp playing the role of French king Louis XV. The film has received a 7 minute standing ovation with amazing reactions from the audiences. Depp himself was left teary-eyed seeing so much appreciation for his role. However the actor’s teeth have been so since ever since he entered the industry. Ever since 2006, when Pirates of Carribean came out, the actor has been spotted with his teeth that way ever since. The actor has taken certain forms of treatment, but he has accepted all these changes with grace, flaunting these like a style statement. While many criticised Johnny Depp’s teeth, some also loved his smile and flaunted it on various fan pages. However, as the actor loves a unique sense of styling, or tattoos he is not indulging in any further treatments. Will the actor take Dr. Apa’s advice? Or is it too late to undo the change? Only time can tell. The 60 year old actor had revealed in 1995 that he loves his “flawed” smile. The actor’s 1995 interview also added, “When I see people with perfect teeth, it drives me up the wall. I’d rather swallow a tick than have that!” So it is a clear hint that the actor would not do anything about his browning teeth anytime soon.

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