Vastu guide to plant selection and placement

The plants you keep at your house can help your home flourish, says Vedic astrologer, Vastu expert and spiritual guru Gorakshnath ji. He adds that there are particular ways to place these plants appropriately.
“Planting suitable plants like Tulsi at home can create positive energy by dispelling negativity. Avoid planting thorny or large plants at home, or planting tall plants in the north, east, and northeast directions.If you want to keep plants in the bedroom, you can choose Jasmine or Lavender. You can place Tulsi in balconies or living rooms, excluding the bedroom. Also, you can place roses in the south. You can also keep Snake Plant and Aloe Vera at home,” he says.
He adds, “If the balcony is in the northeast, you can plant various types of vegetation there. It’s advisable to avoid placing bonsai plants at home. Avoid planting trees like Peepal, Shami, and fruit-bearing plants at home as well.”
Talking about which plants to keep at home, he says, “Money Plants are believed to attract wealth. The significance of Tulsi is immense, from ancient scriptures to Vastu Shastra. Seeing Tulsi is believed to protect us from the evil eye and more. Besides purifying the environment, Tulsi is beneficial for health. You can place Tulsi in any direction.”
This article is written by Vedic astrologer, Vastu expert and spiritual guru Gorakhnath Ji.

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