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WASHINGTON: Americans from 15 states and one territory are gearing up for “Super Tuesday,” a pivotal day in the campaign calendar set to bring Donald Trump closer to securing the Republican Party‘s presidential nomination.
This significant event, the largest single day of voting in the country’s extended state-by-state primary season, has historically been a make-or-break moment for candidates as the race narrows.
On the Republican side, over a third of the delegates designated for the party’s national nominating convention in July are up for grabs on March 5. Despite legal challenges, Trump has dominated early state primaries. Super Tuesday is now considered the last opportunity for challenger Nikki Haley to disrupt Trump’s path to reclaiming the party’s leadership.
Less suspense surrounds the Democratic front, where incumbent President Joe Biden is widely expected to secure his party’s renomination, setting the stage for a likely rematch with Trump.
Key elements to watch on Super Tuesday include:
Widespread participation: Tens of millions of Americans are eligible to vote in primaries and caucuses across 15 states, from Maine to California, and the Pacific territory of American Samoa.
Diverse contests: Primaries or caucuses will take place in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia. Alaska’s vote will only cover the Republican primary.
Democratic spotlight: Democrats will announce the winner of their mail-in vote in Iowa, having already held their Republican contest earlier this year.
Trump’s dominance: With Trump claiming substantial support, particularly in large states like California and Texas, Super Tuesday’s 874 Republican delegates offer him a chance to solidify his lead, approaching the magic number needed for the nomination.
Haley’s last stand: Nikki Haley, the last significant challenger to Trump, aims to prove her ability to draw broad support and defy predictions. Despite symbolic victories, Haley’s chances hinge on her performance on Super Tuesday.
Haley, the former South Carolina governor, insists the party remains divided over Trump and believes she could outperform him in a general election matchup against Biden. However, her campaign faces a critical test, and another round of losses could spell the end.
Analysts suggest Haley might stay in the race, anticipating Trump’s potential setbacks, such as legal challenges or health issues. Super Tuesday holds the key to shaping the trajectory of the Republican nomination race.
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