Urfi Javed Bedroom: Bo*ld photo of Urfi Javed’s bedroom went viral, with whom the actress shared the bed

Urfi Javed once shared her bedroom photo in which this bo*ld actress is seen sleeping. Please tell that Urfi is not sleeping alone; You will be stunned to see the one who is sharing the bed with her.

Urfi Javed Sleeping in Bed with Who: Urfi Javed is more known for her hot and bo*ld clothes and unusual fashion sense than her work. This beautiful TV actress always remains in headlines for her looks and fashion. Some time ago, Urfi shared a picture on social media, which was in discussion for a long time, but not because of her fashion or bo*ld dressing, but because the actress had shared a picture of her bedroom. Urfi, who is seen sleeping in her bedroom, is not alone on the bed, there is someone else with her. Let us tell you with whom Urfi is sleeping in the bed…

Photo of Urfi Javed’s bedroom went viral

Let us tell you that some time ago Urfi shared something on Instagram (Urfi Javed Instagram) not through a post but through a story. The picture of Urfi we are talking about is of the bedroom of the actress (Urfi Javed Bedroom) and in it Urfi Javed is seen sleeping on her bed. The room is a bit dark, maybe it is night time but Urfi’s face is clearly visible. This bo*ld beauty is covered with a blue sheet and on one side, the actress is sleeping with her head between her hands. What he is wearing is not visible, but everyone’s attention has gone to who is sleeping with her. Shilpa Shetty went for a walk on the road without wearing any pant, hid her body with a kurti, see photos

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With whom is this actress sleeping in the bed!

As we just told you, in this photo, Urfi is not alone on the bed, someone else is also sleeping with her. If you are thinking that Urfi is sleeping with some man here, then let us tell you that you are not right. In fact, Urfi is seen sleeping with her pet cat in the photo. On one side of the bed is Urfi Javed and on the other side is her cat. This photo was shared by Urfi’s sister, Asfi, which was later reshared by Urfi. Dil Diyaan Gallaan Cast Salary Per Episode

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