Tori Spelling Celebrates Birthday of Son Finn After Mystery Hospitalization

As we think of Tori Spelling’s miserable summer, we have to note that it’s not just her.

Yes, Tori was the one who spent four days in the hospital without explanation. But she’s not the only one who jumped from motel to RV life.

Her kids are with her. And one of those kids just hit a special milestone.

Happy 11th birthday, Finn!

On August 30, 2023, Tori Spelling posted this throwback to one decade earlier — when little Finn Davey McDermott was one year old. But, in 2023, he turned 11! (Instagram)

“I was made to be your mom!” Tori Spelling began her Instagram caption.

(That might be a weird phrase, but she’s referring to Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?” from Barbie, which is an excellent song from an excellent film)

“This pic was taken on Finn’s 1st birthday,” Tori shared of the throwback photo of him as a baby. “And today he is 11!”

In this August 2023 photo that Tori Spelling shared, both Stella and Finn posed for a sibling selfie. (Instagram)

“Finn Davey,” Tori gushed, “I couldn’t be more proud of the sweet, kind, hilarious, brave, witty, and smart beautiful human you are!”

She continued: “My miracle baby. If you know the story, you know.”

Yes, that’s how knowing things works. We here at THG know — it was a difficult birth, due to placenta previa. That’s serious! But they both made it!

In 2023, Tori Spelling shared this sunny selfie while promoting her friend’s rose quartz jewelry. Gorgeous! (Instagram)

“The day you were born,” Tori remarked, “I not only realized how strong we both are.”

She continued: “But that you wanted to be here so badly that you are destined to do amazing things!” Oh, that is such a mom thing to say.

“I know this because I know your heart and soul,” Tori affirmed.

On Wednesday, August 30, Tori Spelling wrote a gushing birthday tribute to 11-year-old Finn Davey. So sweet! (Instagram)

“I can’t wait to watch what you’ll accomplish for yourself and others,” Tori wrote.

“Never stop telling me #finnfacts,” she implored her son.

Then, Tori plugged his social media, writing: “PS … Finn doesn’t have IG but he does TikTok and it’s Finn McDermott.”

Tori Spelling shared this photo of two of her children, Finn and Stella. They were perched atop their family’s RV in August of 2023. (Instagram)

It’s definitely a weird time to have a birthday. Awkward, anyway.

See, Tori and her five children have been getting “creative” about housing this summer. First, staying in a $100 per night motel. Then moving into an RV and living on a campground.

Their previous home was hazardous to human habitation. In fact, the mold infestation had caused serious health issues for many members of the family.

Parents Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott pose with children Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn, and Beau at the Beverly Hilton in June 2023. (Instagram)

In fact, Tori very recently had to visit the hospital. Her hospitalization lasted for four days. She has not explained what happened.

Reports suggest that she could, months later, still be dealing with lingering effects from the mold spores. These ill effects could haunt their family for years.

Tori knows this. Earlier this summer, she shared plans to undergo brain scans (along with her kids) to check for chronic inflammation. Yes, it can do that to your brain.

Once again at Urgent Care with her family, Tori Spelling shared photos to warn followers about the hidden dangers of mold. (Instagram)

To top it all off, Tori and Dean’s marriage has collapsed. Perhaps the strain of the infestation and housing issues was the final straw.

Divorce can take a toll on children. But it’s seldom as bad as living in a household where your parents can’t get along.

We hope that young Finn is well. And we all wish him a very happy birthday!

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