Today’s Panchang, 10 January 2023: Tithi Shubh Muhurat, Rahu Kaal, Sunrise Sunset and Moon Rashi


The daily panchang is a Hindu calendar that provides daily astrological details such as the tithi (lunar day), nakshatra (lunar mansion), yoga (lunar combination), Karana (half lunar day), and vara (weekday). It also includes sunrise and sunset times, as well as other important information for performing rituals and ceremonies. The daily panchang is used by Hindus to determine the most auspicious times for various activities and it is considered an important resource for spiritual practices.
Today’s Tithi, Nakshatra and Vaar Details
Today’s tithi is Tritiya of Krishna paksha, which will remain upto 12:13:13 and Nakshatra will be Ashlesha which will prevail today upto 09:02:11. Today’s Ritu is Shishir and Vaar is Mangalavara.
Auspicious Timings (Shubha Muhurat)
Today, the Abhijit or Shubha Muhurat will begin at 12:07:45 and to end at 12:49:31.
Inauspicious Timings (Ashubha Muhurat)
Inauspicious times, also known as unfavourable or unlucky periods, are believed by some to be periods during which it is not advisable to undertake new projects or make important decisions. These times are often associated with astrology and the belief that the alignment of celestial bodies can influence human affairs.
The details of the inauspicious timings (ashubha muhurat) are provided below for reference.
Today, the Rahul Kaal will be from 15:05:18 to 16:23:38. The Dushta Muhurta starts at 09:20:38 and will end at 10:02:25 while the Kulika Muhurta will be there from 13:31:18 to 14:13:05. The Kantaka/Mrityu Muhurta will begin at 07:57:05 and to end at 08:38:52. The Kalavela/Ardhayaam Kaal will prevail from 09:20:38 to 10:02:25. As per today’s panchang, the Yamaghanta and Yamaganda Kaal will be from 10:44:12 to 11:25:58 and from 09:51:58 to 11:10:18 respectively while the Gulika Kaal will be from 12:28:38 to 13:46:58. For more details please check the table given below.
Sun and Moon Rise and Set Timings
Today, you can get the Surya darshan (Sun Rise) at 07:15:18 which will remain shining on our part of earth for about 10:26:39 and then will set at 17:41:58. Today, the Moon sign will be Karka and will remain up to 09:02:11. The moon will rise at 20:41:00 and then will set at 09:37:00.
Daily Panchang: 10th January 2023

Tithi Tritiya upto 12:13:13
Nakshatra Ashlesha upto 09:02:11
Karana Vishti upto 12:13:13,
Bhav upto 25:25:41
Paksha Krishna
Yoga Priti upto 11:18:29
Day Mangalavara
Sun and Moon Calculations
Sun Rise 7:15:18
Sun Set 17:41:58
Moon Sign Karka upto 09:02:11
Moon Rise 20:41:00
Moon Set 9:37:00
Ritu Shishir
Hindu Month And Year
Shaka Samvat 1944 Shubhakruth
Vikram Samvat 2079
Kali Samvat 5123
Pravishte/ Gate 26
Month Purnimanta Magha
Month Amanta Pausha
Day Duration 10:26:39
Inauspicious Timings (Ashubha Muhurat)
Dushta Muhurtas From 09:20:38 To 10:02:25
Kulika From 13:31:18 To 14:13:05
Kantaka/ Mrityu From 07:57:05 To 08:38:52
Rahu Kaal From 15:05:18 To 16:23:38
Kalavela/ Ardhayaam From 09:20:38 To 10:02:25
Yamaghanta From 10:44:12 To 11:25:58
Yamaganda From 09:51:58 To 11:10:18
Gulika Kaal From 12:28:38 To 13:46:58
Auspicious Timings (Shubha Muhurat)
Abhijit From 12:07:45 To 12:49:31

Tithi: This is the lunar day of the month according to the Hindu calendar. There are 30 tithis in a lunar month, and each tithi is about 12 hours long.
Nakshatra: This is the lunar mansion or constellation in which the Moon is located on a particular day. There are 27 nakshatras in the Hindu astrology system.
Yoga: This is the combination of the Moon’s position in a particular nakshatra and the Sun’s position in a particular zodiac sign. There are 27 yogas in total, and each yoga is assigned a specific name and characteristics.
Karana: This is the half-tithi or half- lunar day, and there are 11 karanas in a lunar month. Each karana is about 6 hours long and is determined by the movement of the Moon in relation to the Earth.
Vaar: This is the day of the week according to the Hindu calendar, with each day named after a particular planet. There are seven vaars in total: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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