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Hello, hello, hello and Happy New Year! We are back after a quick holiday break to get you caught up on all things drag!

There’s still lots of holiday fun to be had with a new animated Christmas short from a Drag Race legend and some literal festive spirits with Violet and Gottmik.

In addition, some of our favorite Drag Race alums weigh in on the cast of the eagerly anticipated 15th season and we bid a fond farewell to Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs the World, as the show crowned its queen last week (and congrats, Ra’Jah O’Hara!) We’ve got lots of news to share, so let’s bring it to the runway!

The newest queens of the Drag Race universe weigh in on holiday essentials. Is eggnog a toot or a boot (it’s definitely a boot for me)? Are artificial trees a Christmas no-no? Watch and find out! 

The season 15 cast reveal their first selfies in drag and, honestly, they all look pretty fabulous.

Lots of former Drag Racers have thoughts on the newest queen-testants. Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change weigh in on the queens of season 15 and discuss their Ruveal and promo looks on the latest “Sibling Watchery.”

Laganja Estranja and Yuhua Hamasaki share their “Bootleg Opinions” of the season 15 promo looks.

Rock M Sakura, looking amazing, by the way, reacts to the Ruveal video and the new queens.

Season 14 queens Maddy Morphosis and DeJa Skye react to the season 15 queens. These two are hilarious together…get them a series, World oof Wonder!

Season 15 contestants Sugar and Spice have been the subject of much buzz, as they are the first twins to compete on the series. Here they share as much tea as they can (which ain’t much, but I really like them.)

Last week, we all collectively screamed “Ohhhh my gawd!” as Ra’Jah O’Hara was crowned the queen of the mothertucking world on Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs the World. The “Binge Queens” – Morgan McMichaels, Mayhem Miller, Raven and Jujubee – discuss the lip sync smackdown finale and the coronation fashions. 

Season four stunner Dida Ritz joins Naysha Lopez, Batty Davis and Kara Mel D’Ville for the Canada vs the World finale viewing party at Chicago’s Roscoe’s Bar & Grill.

Willam must have been on Santa’s nice list this year, because she got a lot of gifts. In this Christmas unboxing video, she showcases her holiday haul, including a headband with crystals (that I covet) makeup from Kim Chi Chic and Haus Labs, rhinestones, and Trixie and Katya’s new book.

Season six champion Bianca Del Rio is doubling down on the holiday spirit with not one, not two but three gifts for Drag Race fans. MTV, the new home of RuPaul’s Drag Race, announced last week that Bianca take over for Bob the Drag Queen as the host of the upcoming season “The Pit Stop.” Each week, Bianca and her guest will recap and review the most recent episode of Drag Race season 15, which premieres on Friday, January 6 at 8:00 PM ET/PT on MTV. Expect lots of laughs (and plenty of shade). New episodes of “The Pit Stop” will premiere Saturdays on the RuPaul’s Drag Race YouTube channel.

Bianca also shows her animated side in a new short titled “Bianca Saves Christmas”. Take a trip back to 2009, where Palm Springs is a ghost town. Christmas cheer has plummeted to new lows, and Bianca Del Rio is the holiday’s last hope. Bianca’s Butler (voiced by Cheyenne Jackson) hopes to convince the Queen of Mean to save Christmas… but will she?  While it may not make your heart grow three times larger, it sure beats coal in your stocking!

If that’s not enough, last week it was announced that production on Hurricane Bianca 3: The Roots of All Evil will begin in 2023. Willam, Rachel Dratch and Doug Plaut will return and will be joined by Thora Birch and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo. Director  Matt Kugelman says “I’m so excited to be working with this dream team. Bianca is back! Willam is back!  And I am elated to introduce Miss Vanjie into Bianca’s family. These are the funniest people I’ve ever met playing these incredibly lovable characters, and then we get to add the amazing Thora Birch into the mix as we’ve never seen her before: An eccentric villain! I cannot wait to share this adventure with the world!”

Trixie Mattel creates her signature look using products from London-based cosmetic company Rimmel (which I didn’t know are no longer sold in the US.)

Trixie and Katya honor a fan request and discuss the Netflix series Heartstopper on “I Like to Watch.”

Since I took off last week, I have a double dose of ‘UNHhhh” for you. Trixie and Katya strap on their boogie shoes and discuss all things dance.

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Alex Badia

Season 7 of “UNHhhh” has come to an end, which means it’s time for my favorite episode of the season. Enjoy the randomness and out-of-context hilarity.

Denali dons her blades of glory and hits the ice with season 14 winner Willow Pill.

In her latest vlog, Laganja Estranja takes us to Tel Aviv for a Haus of Edwards reunion featuring Alyssa Edwards and Shangela.

Laganja and Yuhua look back at the season 10 Ruveal video.

Jaymes Mansfield showcases two new eye shadow palettes – Life Partner and Partner in Crime ­ – from Kim Chi Chic. I love a neutral eye, so these are on my list.

Violet and Gottmik talk surgery and make festive holiday cocktails on the latest “No Gorge.”

Courtney Act takes us to the opening of the Sydney Modern at the Art Gallery of New South Wales on a new episode of “The Courtney Chronicles.”

And that wraps up our first Week in Drag of 2023! Until next week, stay healthy, stay safe and Say LOVE!


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