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NEW DELHI: Microsoft Corp is reportedly planning to cut thousands of jobs, with some roles expected to be eliminated in the human resources and engineering divisions, according to media reports on Tuesday.
This move follows similar job cuts announced by other tech companies, such as Amazon, Meta Platforms, Twitter, Google, Salesforce and a host of other corporations. These job cuts are being attributed to slowing demand and a worsening global economic outlook. The move by Microsoft indicates that the tech sector may continue to shed jobs in the coming months.
As job cuts continue to rise in tech and various other industries, some employees are choosing to proactively seek out new job opportunities while still employed. This strategy, referred to as “career cushioning“. Here is all you need to know on ‘career cushioning’
Q: What is career cushioning?
A: Career cushioning refers to the practice of building a diverse set of skills and experiences in order to make oneself more marketable and resilient to job loss or industry changes. This can include gaining experience in multiple areas of a field, developing a side hustle or passion project, or building a professional network.
Q: Why is career cushioning important?
A: Career cushioning can help provide a sense of security and confidence in uncertain job markets and can also open up new opportunities for career advancement. It can also help you be better prepared if you do lose your job, making it easier to find new employment.
Q: How can I start career cushioning?
A: There are several ways to begin career cushioning, such as:
Building a diverse skill set through continuing education or volunteer work
Networking with professionals in your industry and other industries
Building a personal brand through social media and professional online presence
Saving money for unexpected career changes or job loss.
Q: What are some examples of career cushioning?
A: Some examples of career cushioning include:
-A software developer taking on freelance web design projects to gain experience in user interface design.
-A marketing professional starting a blog to gain experience in content creation.
-A sales representative taking on additional responsibilities in product development to gain experience in product management.
Q: Is career cushioning only for people in certain industries?
A: No, career cushioning is applicable for people in any industry. It’s about being proactive in preparing for potential changes in your career, regardless of the industry you’re in.
Q: How often should I review and update my career cushioning efforts?
A: It’s a good idea to review your career cushioning efforts regularly, perhaps once or twice a year. This will allow you to assess your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your plans. Additionally, keeping an eye on the job market and industry trends can help you anticipate and prepare for any potential changes in your field.
Q: How do I know if my career cushioning efforts are working?
A: You can gauge the effectiveness of your career cushioning efforts by monitoring your progress in gaining new skills and experiences, as well as the feedback you receive from your professional network and potential employers. Additionally, you may find that you are better able to adapt to changes in your industry, or that you have more opportunities available to you.
Q: How much time should I be dedicating to career cushioning?
A: The amount of time you should dedicate to career cushioning will depend on your individual goals and circumstances, however it’s important to balance the time you spend career cushioning with your other responsibilities. A good rule of thumb is to spend some time each week or month working on career cushioning activities, but not to the point that it negatively impacts other areas of your life.

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