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NEW DELHI: An Australian cameraman has claimed that he was punched by Taylor Swift‘s father at a dock on Sydney Harbour early Tuesday morning, following her last concert in Sydney, which has led to a police probe.
As per media reports, authorities are looking into a reported attack involving a man of 71 years and another individual at the Neutral Bay dock around 2:30am on Tuesday. They have not identified Scott Swift, who is 71, as the person involved.
Reports from local news sources indicate that the victim was an Australian photographer who had been awaiting the arrival of Taylor Swift and her father at the Neutral Bay dock after a nocturnal outing on Sydney Harbour.
At the time of the purported assault, Taylor Swift was with her father but had already entered a vehicle, as reported by the state broadcaster, ABC.
The pap, Ben McDonald from Matrix Media Group, told Sunday Morning Herald that he ended up with a “sore left chop” after the clash but did not experience any grave injuries.
He described the scenario to the publication, saying, “I was just out on the job chasing Taylor.” He recounted the events, “She disembarked from a luxury yacht at Neutral Bay and proceeded up the dock shielded by an umbrella and flanked by a few security guards. The security personnel were nudging us back using the umbrellas, and then her father stepped in and decided to escalate things by throwing a punch.”
He was perplexed by the cause of the sudden aggressive act, saying, “It was a shock … There was no need for it, the security was handling the situation,” and concluded, “I’ll leave it in the police’s hands now.”
A representative for Taylor Swift communicated to Rolling Stone that two people behaved “aggressively” towards Swift and her group during the incident.
The statement given by the spokesperson said, “Two individuals were aggressively pushing their way towards Taylor, grabbing at her security personnel, and threatening to throw a female staff member into the water.”
ABC disclosed that the photographer, Ben McDonald, reported that Swift’s group attempted to use umbrellas to block him from capturing photos and that Swift’s father got involved during the supposed confrontation.
The Australian portion of Taylor Swift’s highly successful Eras tour concluded on Monday night.
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