Steven Spielberg Explains Why He Turned Down Directing ‘Harry Potter’

Steven Spielberg felt like he had to turn down the opportunity to direct Harry Potter.

The 76-year-old director revealed that he chose down the offer to direct the first Harry Potter movie in order to stay with his family and not be separated from them for an extended period of time.

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Kate [Capshaw] and I started raising a family and we started having children. The choice I had to make was taking a job that would move me to another country for four or five months where I wouldn’t see my family every day…that was a ripping kind of experience,” he told SS Rajamouli.

“There were several films I chose not to make,” Steven said. “I chose to turn down the first Harry Potter to basically spend that next year and a half with my family, my young kids growing up. So I’d sacrificed a great franchise, which today looking back I’m very happy to have done, to be with my family.”

Steven also shared that the need to be near his family was so important that when he made Schindler’s List, his whole family moved to Krakow, Poland to live with him while filming.

Sally Field recently revealed that her friendship with Steven Spielberg actually started with a potential date.

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