Social Media Is Shocked to Learn What Kylie Jenner’s Son’s Name Means in Arabic

Kylie Jenner may want to rethink her son’s name again.

The 25-year-old The Kardashians superstar finally revealed her son’s name, after initially naming him Wolf before changing her mind.

She shared the very first photo of her son with Travis Scott and revealed his name – Aire – on Saturday (January 21), as well as how to pronounce his name.

The only problem is, the name has a very different meaning in Arabic.

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“Umm should someone tell Kylie Jenner she renamed her son Aire which is a common Arabic expression for ‘my penis’ or nah?” one popular tweet reads, as many people reacted with horror and surprise on social media.

Other users on TikTok and YouTube have also begun calling out what the name actually means in Arabic.

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