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NEW DELHI: The Centre on Wednesday justified continuance of the two decade-old ban on Students Islamic Movement in India (SIMI) and informed the Supreme Court that despite the ban, the core intention of SIMI to replace the democratic set up in the country with an Islamic Caliphate through jihad is kept alive through numerous splinter groups formed by ex-cadre of the banned association.
While informing that the 2019 notification banning SIMI under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act for five more years is pending adjudication before a tribunal headed by Justice Mukta Gupta, the Union government said successive ban notifications since 2001 was necessitated as those associated with SIMI are continuing to make all out attempts to carry out their sinister agenda to achieve the objectives of the banned organisation.
“SIMI is carrying out its activities under the garb of cover organisations in several states of the country. Many SIMI cadres have regrouped under several names like Wahadat-e-Islami in TamilNadu; Indian Mujahideen in Rajasthan, Karnataka, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi; Ansarullah in Karnataka; Muslim Muttahida Mihad in Uttar Pradesh; Wahadat-e-Ummat in Madhya Pradesh; and Nagarik Adhikar Suraksha Manch in West Bengal,” the Centre said.
The government said, Karuna Foundation in Kerala was used by ex-SIMI members to counter threats against Islam. “At the all-India level SIMI has been regrouped under various names including Tahreek-e-Ehyaa-e-Ummat, a movement for the revival of the community. There are over three dozen other front organisations through which SIMI activities are being continued. These front organisations help SIMI in various activities including collection of funds, circulation of literature, and regrouping of cadres,” it said.
Opposing the contention on behalf of SIMI that the government cannot continue the ban by issuing successive notifications for more than two decades, the Centre said it had the power under UAPA to ban anti-national organisations and if it did not have, then such organisations innately harbouring fissiparous objectives towards India would thrive once the ban expires.

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