Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi, says ‘if INDIA parties unite, it will be impossible for BJP to win polls’ | India News

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday reiterated his charge of nexus between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and businessman Gautam Adani and alleged that the Prime Minister and the BJP are in a “nexus of corruption.”
“The Prime Minister should clear his stance on this issue before the G20 meeting,” Rahul said and alleged that the Modi government is extracting money from the poor and transferring it to the rich.
Rahul also reiterated his charge of Modi government losing land to China. Citing his discussion with locals during his week-long trip to Ladakh, Rahul said: “People in Ladakh categorically told me that the Chinese have taken Indian land. They said the PM is lying about the fact that the Chinese have not taken Indian land. Every single person in Ladakh knows that the people of India and the people of Ladakh have been betrayed by the Govt of India.”
“There is clearly a change on the borders. Our shepherds themselves told us that they are not being allowed into the areas where they were allowed … It is extremely shameful what has happened in Ladakh,” he claimed.
The Congress leader expressed confidence about the success of INDIA bloc and said the parties on stage represents 60 per cent of country’s population and it will be impossible for the BJP to win polls if all the opposition parties unite.
“The real work in this alliance is the relationships that are forged between leaders of this alliance. The past two meetings have done a huge amount of work to build rapport and to ensure that we all work as one,” he said.
“I am confident INDIA bloc will defeat the BJP; we may have differences, but we all work with great flexibility,” Rahul said and added “We will propose a clear development path, it will involve poor people in progress of country.”

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