Rachel Zegler Says She’s Starting To Feel ‘Unsafe’ With NYC Paparazzi


Rachel Zegler isn’t mincing her words directed at the paparazzi who are taking photographs of her.

The actress, who will star in three upcoming movies, took to her social media with a message to the papps, who she has seen, and even talked to, while out in New York City recently.

Here’s what she had to say…

Rachel expressed in her message that she’s starting to feel unsafe with how much time they dedicate to following her around.

“Dear paparazzi in NYC, I am literally always wearing this coat. Is it that interesting?” she mused.

Rachel went on, “I really appreciate you all being nice to me, mostly because I’m afraid to tell you no because you’re a bunch of men and I am a woman alone in New York City, but I am literally always wearing this. I am always going to be wearing this if it’s winter in New York. I am always going to be wearing this jacket with jeans and some form of heeled shoe. It’s never going to be anything different.”

“I hope you make a lot of money for your photos,” she noted at the end of her message. “I don’t think you will because I’m not J.Lo!”

Just recently, Rachel wore the coat to a movie premiere.

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