Priyanka Chopra reveals Citadel character details: I have a scar

The first photos and trailer of Citadel are out. The spy thriller series features Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden as ex-agents who are up against a dangerous crime syndicate. It has Avengers fame Joe and Anthony Russo on board as executive producers along with showrunner David Well.

During a global press conference attended by Filmfare, the cast and crew came together to unveil the trailer and delve into the show’s making.

The series will see Priyanka Chopra play Nadia Singh. Talking about the characters, Priyanka revealed, “Nadia carries a lot of baggage. She has to navigate a lot of thick waters but she has to hold her head up high. While her life is changing all around her she has to stay centred because of the burden she inherits. That makes her very juicy as a character because every choice she makes is burdened and she’s under so much pressure. And she thrives in it.”

Citadel press conference

Opening up about his character Mason Kane, Richard Madden said, “The joy of this has been being able to play these two very, very different characters, but both in the same body. And they are both the same man in lots of different ways, but each version of them, you pull out different aspects of kind of humanity and who we are as people.”

He further explained the layers saying, “One of them carries a lot of scars from the past and a lot of trauma. And the other one doesn’t carry any of that baggage. He just has a whole bunch of unknown aspects to him, so we end up having these two very different characters.”

Citadel press conference

Citadel will see Priyanka Chopra in action. Talking about the action sequences, the actress revealed, “I have a scar on my forehead, I mean, on my eyebrow that you see.”

She further explained, “I really think Nadia’s character’s a badass, and she comes from a place of trusting her body, and, you know, her instincts. And I got to explore a lot of that with the stunts that we did. Every time I would read new pages, the stunts would just get bigger and bigger and bigger. [laugh] And it was amazing to be able to imagine that and then walk in the set and actually execute it.”

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