PM Modi taking credit for Left’s good deeds, says ex-CM Manik Sarkar | India News

AGARTALA: Former Tripura CM Manik Sarkar accused PM Narendra Modi of lying to the people at his two poll rallies in the northeastern state, alleging Sunday that the latter was taking credit for achievements of the previous Left Front government.
“The PM claimed that there was no rule of law in Tripura before 2018. Women had no security. The unemployment rate was abnormal and peace has come to Tripura after BJP was elected to office, which is highly misleading,” the CPM veteran said.
Sarkar countered that “the Left Front government never tried to take credit for neutralising insurgency in the state, although it wound up before Modiji became PM”.
He said Modi’s speech ill behoves his position as PM. “The PM did not even bother to mention the vision document that they had released before 2018 assembly elections,” said Sarkar. He accused BJP government of not doing a single good thing in five years and called the party’s term from 2018 the “rule of the jungle”.
He also accused Modi of “shedding crocodile tears” for the state’s tribals. “The PM claimed that BJP won all the tribal seats of Gujarat. Let me clarify, BJP has won the elections in Gujarat by dividing people in the name of religion, caste and other fault lines ,” Sarkar said.

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