Paul Staehle is Missing in Brazil, Karine Martins Announces to 90 Day Fiance Fans

This year, we saw a strange alliance as Paul Staehle and Karine Martins hoped to regain custody of their sons.

Paul has been working in Brazil, where his status as an American with experience living there has been an asset.

Unfortunately, tragedy has struck. According to Karine — and, separately, to alleged texts that he sent to his mom — Paul went missing this week.

Bizarrely, Karine seems to already be eulogizing him on social media. Hopefully, that is premature.

Just a couple of weeks before his August 2023 apparent disappearance in Brazil, Paul Staehle was still sharing videos from his time in the country. (Instagram)

We want to emphasize that, as of Friday morning on September 1, the world has not heard from Paul. Not directly or indirectly.

Obviously, we all hope to have good news in the near future.

In the mean time, we mostly just have Karine’s posts. And, according to her, he went missing on Wednesday night.

On Thursday, August 31, Karine Martins wrote “Paul went missing last night in Brazil. Prayers he is found safe.” She shared this to her Instagram Story. (Instagram)

“Paul went missing last night in Brazil,” Karine wrote on her Instagram Story.

“Prayers he is found safe,” she wrote.

We can confirm that she is not the only person reporting that Paul vanished. He also messaged his mother, saying that he had messed up in some way. It sounds like he may have simply gotten lost in the wilderness, but we cannot be certain.

Good news can wait, but bad news is seldom so patient. According to Karine Martins’ Instagram post on Friday, September 1, 2023, she and her two sons will fondly remember Paul Staehle. The implication is that she does not believe that he will come back alive. (Instagram)

Late into the night on Thursday (technically Friday morning), Karine posted a montage of Paul’s photos set to a sad song.

The in memoriam slideshow included a caption: “Not all of our memories were bad. Our children loved you very much.”

Karine continued: “We will never forget you or the good memories we all shared.” Every part of that seems to strongly imply that Karine, at least, does not expect to see Paul alive again.

A lot of 90 Day Fiance fans raised their eyebrows over Karine Martins sharing this Instagram Story about life insurance while the father of her children remained missing in Brazil. (Instagram)

Karine also decided to share an Instagram STory post about life insurance.

The post reads that “life insurance is a final way of telling your loved ones, ‘I’ve got you.’”

Is the implication here that Paul died, that she is his life insurance beneficiary, and that she expects a payout? We imagine that an insurance company might wait to find out if he’s alive or dead, first.

Adding further confusion, Karine Martins took to Instagram on Thursday, August 31, 2023 to share this photo of her clothed body. Is she implying that she is pregnant? Even if it’s true, sharing this while the father of her sons is missing struck fans as very difficult to understand. (Instagram)

Most bizarrely of all, this is also when Karine decided to share a glimpse at her body.

Some have perceived Karine’s post as a baby bump reveal. Whether the baby is Paul’s or not — Paul has been in Brazil for some time — is difficult to say.

Without confirmation — that Karine is pregnant, that Paul is no longer alive — it is difficult to say what exactly is going on.

Absolutely not! Josh Seiter and Karine Martins briefly dated, much to the chagrin of people who wanted good things for Karine. (Instagram)

This is, by the way, a very weird week to be Karine’s ex.

Last year, she dated notorious fame-seeker Josh Seiter for a period of weeks. Earlier this week, just a couple of days before Paul seemingly vanished, Josh’s Instagram page announced his death.

It turned out that Josh’s death announcement was a cruel hoax. He’s alive! We would welcome similar news about Paul’s fate, though that seems less likely.

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