Pathaan Trailer out: Shah Rukh Khan’s back story, Pakistani spy Deepika Padukone; 7 interesting fan theories

After staying away for five years, superstar Shah Rukh Khan is all set to return with a bang with Pathaan. His last film Zero co-starring Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma was released in 2018. Since then, his fans were eagerly waiting to see him on the big screen. Now, he will be setting the theatres on fire with his action avatar in Pathaan. Directed by Siddharth Anand, it also stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in key roles. After the makers shared the teaser and two songs from the film, it definitely raised excitement amongst the fans. Earlier today, the much-awaited trailer was unveiled and it has literally taken the Internet by storm. 

Pathaan trailer

This is the first time that Shah Rukh has done an out-and-out action film. His appearance as Pathaan has left the netizens mighty impressed. His one-liners have already become famous on social media. His face-off with John and their sleek action scenes are one of the major highlights of the trailer. Even Deepika is seen in a different and bold avatar. The film is mounted on a huge canvas and the trailer just gives a tease. Everyone was expecting to get a glimpse of Salman Khan’s cameo but looks like the makers have saved the best for the last. Another thing that has caught everyone’s attention is the supporting cast. In the trailer, Ashutosh Rana and Dimple Kapadia are seen in strong roles. The audience is looking forward to the film.

King Khan took to social media and shared the trailer. Along with it, he wrote, “Mehemaan nawaazi ke liye #Pathaan aa raha hai, aur pataakhen bhi saath laa raha hai! #PathaanTrailer out now! Link in bio. Releasing in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on 25th January 2023.” Have a look:

Fan theories surrounding Pathaan

Ever since the teaser of Pathaan was released, fans were seen sharing their interesting thoughts on how the story will pan out. Today, the trailer was launched and netizens are back with their interpretations. Several people shared their theories on Reddit and YouTube, and here’s taking a look at the most amazing ones.

Pathaan’s crossover with Salman Khan’s Tiger and Hrithik Roshan’s Kabir

Some users wrote about a particular scene from the trailer where Shah Rukh and John are seen having a major face-off amid ice mountains. Giving it a War twist, a user wrote, “That scene where they’re on the ice, it would be funny if they drove past the climatic scene from WAR as it’s happening. There’s your “crossover” moment.”

Another user agreed with this theory and said that it can definitely create some confusion. The comment read, “OMG that would be epic but it could potentially create some timeline confusion. Ashutosh Rana was heavily involved in that feud, and he’s obv going to play a huge role here too. Plus if they want Kabir to pop in Pathaan, best to keep all that Tiger rivalry stuff out as not to confuse the audiences, esp considering they’ve killed him off and essentially ended the Tiger storyline for good.”

One of the users pointed out Ashutosh Rana’s character as he was also there in War. The comment on the same thread read, “But Ashutosh Rana being here, does essentially means we can see Kabir in a credit scene here or is it just Tiger coming in? Cuz Pathaan is in Tiger 3…. So many cameos, this is mind boggling.”

Deepika Padukone’s spin-off

In the trailer, Deepika has amped up her action game. Not much is revealed about her. Her fans think that the makers might come up with a spin-off of her character. Due to her mysterious presence, a fan pinpointed, “I have a feeling they are setting up for a DP spinoff movie. She’s shown as a capable soldier herself and they are expanding the universe. It takes bloody forever to work with superstars like SRK, Salman, HR who barely do one film a year, maybe they will follow up Tiger 3 with a film on DP’s character from Pathaan.”

Picture courtesy: YouTube

Pathaan’s back story

A user shared an interesting back story of Pathaan while referring to his dialogues from the trailer. In the trailer, SRK is heard saying, “Ek soldier ye nahi puchta, desh ne uske liye kya kiya. Puchta hai, vo desh ke liye kya kar sakta hai.” Reacting to this, the user wrote, “One observation that I had, it seems Pathan was probably wronged by his unit in the past. That’s why the dialog “ask not what the country did for you…” might be there. Plus the whole vanvaas line also points to the possibility that there’s some interesting tea brewing in the background for pathan’s character.” 

Picture courtesy: YouTube

Mystery around Dimple Kapadia’s character

Veteran actress Dimple Kapadia always leaves an impact with her presence in movies. In Pathaan too, her appearance has left everyone guessing her role. One of the users on Reddit hoped that she features in an important role. To this, another user replied, “I am sure she’s going to play a big role in the Spyverse moving forward as she was interacting with Ashutosh Rana’s character (same as War). These two will be the heart of the franchise that will be the binding force between the movies and bring agents together when needed.” 

Picture courtesy: YouTube

Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone’s Fighter connection

The duo is all set to work for the first time in Fighter. Considering Hrithik’s involvement in the Spyverse, a user raised a query, “Does anyone think Fighter might actually be about Hrithik’s character from War and Deepika’s character from Pathaan joining forces?”

Deepika Padukone – a Pakistani spy

The Pathaan trailer hasn’t given away everything. A few dialogues have confused the audience, especially Deepika’s ‘Main bhi tumhari he tarah ek soldier hoon, Pathaan. We can do this mission together, so are you in or are you out.’ It has got everyone thinking that she is playing the role of a Pakistani spy. Some even believe that she is on John’s side and a villain like him. A user wrote on Twitter, “My guts feelings she is villain #DeepikaPadukone #PathaanTrailer.” Another user too wrote the same on Reddit, “have a gut feeling that deepika is on John’ side and would ball out shahrukh in the end.” It will be interesting to see the reality on January 25th.

Pathaan and Tiger’s similarities 

One of the users shared that Tiger and Pathaan will be friends in this spyverse. The user also pointed out similarities between SRK and Salman’s characters. The tweet read, “#Pathaan and Tiger are friends? When Pathaan says “Ek soldier ye nahi puchta ki desh ne uske liye kya kiya hai. Puchta hai, woh desh ke liye kya kar sakta hai?” #ShahRukhKhan This could be related to #SalmanKhan’s character in #TigerZindaHai. Tiger left RAW but he still helped the nation. Both soldiers share similar beliefs. Moreover, now that YRF has confirmed SPYverse, we cannot neglect the possibility of #Pathaan and Tiger potentially being  friends in the crossover.”

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