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Shimla: Himachal Pradesh assembly on Wednesday witnessed uproarious scenes as opposition once again raised the issue of providing one lakh govt jobs as promised by the Congress party ahead of the assembly elections.
Raising a point of order, leader of the opposition Jai Ram Thakur said if the chief minister lies in the House itself, then how could anyone be trusted.He was referring to a statement made by CM Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu in the assembly on Tuesday, claiming no such promise had been made by his party.
As the opposition members sought an apology from the CM there was uproar in the House forcing speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania to get up from his seat and pacify the members. While reading page No. 38 of the Congress election manifesto, Jai Ram Thakur said it was clearly written in the manifesto that one lakh govt jobs would be given in the first meeting of the cabinet as soon as govt was formed.
He said it was also mentioned in the manifesto that along with this, vacant posts in departments would be filled; and providing employment to five lakh people in five years.
On Tuesday, when I raised the issue, the CM said he had not made any such claims, said Thakur. He asserted that the CM had talked about providing one lakh employment.
The senior BJP leader and former chief minister said the words used by CM Sukhu while opposing his statement should be expunged. As commotion grew in the House, the speaker told Thakur that the manifesto he was referring to should be placed on the table of the House and he himself would go through it.
Following the directions from the chair, Thakur placed the manifesto on the table of the House for the speaker to read from it. After the speaker finished reading from the manifesto, the opposition members again made a huge noise and said the CM had lied in the House.
Even as the speaker tried to calm everyone down, chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said the 10 guarantees of the Congress were different and the election manifesto was different.
Sukhu said what the opposition members had said on Tuesday was about a guarantee. He further said if it was written in the manifesto that govt jobs would be given in one year, his govt would give these jobs.
He assured the House that 30,000 jobs had been created this year and the process of filling 10,000 posts in IPH, 1,261 in police, 984 in patwar, including van mitra and other posts, was going on.
Thakur, meanwhile, said the CM had said the same thing when the issue was raised on Tuesday. He said this document (manifesto) had been brought in the House, in which everything was clear. The CM should apologise for lying in the House, he added.

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