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The 1975′s Matty Healy is taking an opportunity to apologize for his recent controversies.

During the band’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Monday night (October 2), Matty spent time speaking to the crowd in between songs, and had a message for those critical of his past actions, such as his racist jokes about Ice Spice on a podcast in January and an admission that he watches a form of pornographic that depicts the brutalization of Black women.

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Videos posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, show Matty addressing fans at the show.

“Because some of my actions have hurt some people, I apologize to those people, and I pledge to do better moving forward,” he said. “I think it’s also important that I express my intentions, so everybody knows that there is no ill will coming from me. You see, as an artist, I want to create an environment for myself to perform where not everything that I do is taken literally.”

The 1975′s lead singer explained that his stage presence isn’t the same as his “normal life” and that his controversial comments and actions come from his manufactured stage presence.

“I’ve kind of performed exaggerated versions of myself on other stages, be it print or on podcasts and in an often misguided attempt at fulfilling the kind of character role of the 21st century rock star,” he continued. “So, it’s complicated.”

Matty concluded his comments by poking fun at his controversies, implying they’re a coping strategy.

“Sometimes playing pretend is the only way you can truly find out who you are, and you could probably also say that men would rather do offensive impressions for attention than go to therapy.”

Rapper Ice Spice recently revealed what Matty Healy said to her after making racist jokes about her.

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