Little People, Big World: The Future is Unknown, “Shaky,” Source Says

Little People. Big World.

Gigantic announcement soon to come?

In the wake of this very long-running reality show wrapping up its latest season, speculation has started to increase that the TLC program may not return in 2023 with new episodes.

Or in 2024. Or in 2025. Or, in case the point isn’t obvious by now, ever again.

Amy Roloff looks anything but pleased in this photo of her from the latest season of Little People, Big World.

What might lead to the cancelation of a series that has been on the air for 24 seasons?

A shift in the ongoing dynamic among relatives, most notably the awkward and very open feud between Zach and Matt Roloff, which stems from the latter having placed his farm up for sale without (allegedly) giving the former any realistic chance to purchase it first.

“Little People, Big World was meant to be a fun, family show about a pumpkin farm and how they conquer life despite their disabilities,” a source just told The Sun.

“Although the drama is usually great for reality TV, it’s become a little depressing to watch as the family has grown apart in recent months.”

This appears to be a simple fact.

On Season 24, Tori and Zach didn’t even attend pumpkin season at Roloff Farms due to the aforementioned feud.

“Zach and Tori have relocated to Washington with their children and appear to be avoiding returning to the pumpkin farm unless they have to,” the aforementioned insider continued.

“Although it’s a great source of income for them, the move has made things difficult for a family show, they are now living a new chapter.”

Tori, Zach and their kids look beyond adorable in this family portrait, don’t they?

This doesn’t sound like baseless rumor-spreading, either.

Tori herself came out just recently and said her time on the show is likely coming to a close in the near future.

She hasn’t been shy of late in admitting that she’s sick and tired of all the in-fighting, a sentiment echoed by Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

“Matt really wants another season, but Caryn is completely done,” The Sun previously reported, explaining why as folllows:

“She thinks there are too many disagreements with what they want to say and do on air, and too much family drama. She feels as though she’s the one always caught in the middle trying to mediate.”

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler are all smiles while hanging out here in Arizona.

For its latest article, the aforementioned outlet backtracks a bit on where Matt stands these days.

“Matt still can’t decide whether he wants the show to continue or not, but he’s the kind of guy who makes decisions at the last minute,” claims the insider.

The father of four, of course, took his property off the market after many months and is now trying to turn it into a long-term rental.

“If he were to be offered another series, he may try and drag it out, but even he knows it’s coming to a natural end at this point after so many years,” writes The Sun.

We’re up close and rather personal with an unshaved Matt Roloff in this Instagram selfie.

As stated above, Little People, Big World has been on for 24 seasons.

Jacob Roloff exited in 2016. Audrey and Jeremy Roloff walked away in 2018.

No matter what happens going forward, the show has been a massive success for the network and also everyone who has appeared on screen.

“The majority of the family have loved having the cameras capture them and later their own children growing up, but things have shifted,” concludes The Sun.

“The show’s future is shaky.”


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