Joy-Anna Duggar Accused of Exploiting Daughter’s Medical Emergency For Social Media Clout

Joy-Anna Duggar frequently posts videos on YouTube, where she’s amassed an audience of more than 200,000 followers.

Now, we’re sure Joy genuinely enjoys updating her fans on the ups and downs of her life as a young mother of three.

But that’s probably not the main reason that she shares so many clips.

You see, like so many other twenty-somethings with large social media followings, Joy earns most of her money from her work as an influencer

With the subject in question squirming around beside her, Joy-Anna Duggar discussed her 5-year-old son’s diagnosis in July of 2023. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Duggar women are forbidden to work outside the home, but there’s no rule against moms earning a little extra cash on the internet.

And Joy takes full advantage of this loophole, likely out-earning her husband just by posting pics and videos that she shoots around the house.

Of course, it’s not easy to rake in a decent income on social media, which is probably why Joy occasionally resorts to some relatively shady tactics in order to direct traffic to to her content.

For the most part, her fans are accepting of these tactics, but some folks drew the line and voiced their displeasure when Joy posted the video above earlier this week.

The clip was posted in honor of the birthday of Joy’s daughter, Evelyn.

But perhaps sensing that a traditional birthday video wouldn’t yield much traffic, Joy titled the post “Rushing Evelyn to the Hospital Before her Birthday!”

Before we go any further, we’d like to put your mind at ease by assuring you that Evelyn did not suffer any sort of serious medical emergency.

Joy-Anna Duggar rushed her daughter to the hospital in August of 2023. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The three-year-old was experiencing stomach pains, so Joy rushed her to the hospital fearing appendicitis.

Thankfully, X-rays revealed that there was no real cause for concern.

“It’s just poop,” a relieved Joy told her followers.

Joy-Anna Duggar shared a video from her daughter’s birthday this week. And she wound up infuriating fans. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

On Reddit, commenters accused Joy of “exploiting” her kids and using them to create “clickbait.”

“Yeah the amount of videos she posts of her kids sick, scared, or crying is truly off-putting,” one commenter wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“I’m sure Evie will be humiliated in the future when she finds out her mom posted about the state of her intestines for the whole world to see,” a second person noted.

Welp. This is adorable! Joy-Anna Duggar shared it to her official Instagram page. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Jesus Joy, there is no reason to pimp out your kids for clicks and money. This is going to blow up in your face,” a third chimed in.

Another user compared Joy’s situation to that of fellow fundamentalist reality star Carlin Bates, whose husband has been criticized for posting videos of her seizures on social media.

“Her bestie Carlin [Bates] probably is giving her tips after they film and exploit their children and Carlin’s seizures,” this person wrote.

Carlin Bates was hospitalized following a frightening episode last year. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“I hate clickbait and I hate vague-booking,” another person wrote in the thread dedicated to criticizing Joy’s latest content.

“She seem desperate for attention and to make a few bucks whatever means possible.”

“I cannot stand family vloggers. Is it really worth exploiting your children for the extra cash?” another person agreed.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have their arms around each other in this sweet snapshot. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Others referenced Joy’s husband, Austin Forsyth, and his notorious temper.

“That is distasteful – I know people have been down on Austin but maybe part of his bad attitude is Joy’s exposing their private lives on social media,” one person wrote.

Austin probably does get upset with Joy’s habit of documenting every second of their private lives.

Joy-Anna and Austin Pic
Joy-Annna Duggar smiles while out and about here with husband Austin. What a cute pic! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

But that’s still no excuse for Forsyth to snap at his wife and kids the way he does.

And besides, as much as he might gripe about being in front of the camera, we’re guessing he doesn’t complain about the money Joy’s channel brings in!

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