Jinger Duggar Fans Blast Jeremy Vuolo for Atrocious Manners: How Rude Was He, Really?

Over the years, fans and critics alike have questioned everything from Jeremy Vuolo’s hygiene to his theology.

Let’s face it: you marry someone who grew up on TV, and people are going to have opinions about you.

Well, it’s happening again.

This time, commenters are accusing Jeremy of having atrocious manners and embarrassing Jinger in a public place.

Jinger Duggar shared this snap featuring husband Jeremy Vuolo on August 2, 2023. Some fans declared that they hardly recognized him. (Instagram)

Okay, so what happened?

It all started when Jinger shared a pic from her date night with her husband.

Over the weekend, she and Jeremy went to a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles, where they live. And yes, this pic is going to make you hungry.

On Jinger Duggar’s Instagram Story in late August 2023, we see Jeremy Vuolo eating sushi. Yum! (Instagram)

(Oh my gosh I can almost taste those rolls in the middle ground just by looking at them)

If you’re stronger than I am and can tear your eyes away from the food itself, you can see Jeremy sitting across from Jinger.

He is using chopsticks to eat his sushi. So what’s the issue? Perhaps you have already spotted it.

Jinger Duggar spoke on The Blaze’s show, Relatable, about her childhood and family. And yes, husband Jeremy Vuolo came up. (The Blaze/Facebook)

In the Instagram Story snap, Jeremy is wearing a baseball cap.

And the two of them are inside a sushi restaurant. Wearing hats indoors, particularly in a place like a restaurant, generally falls under the umbrella of “bad manners.”

Taking to social media (there were no comments for the Story post itself), various critics took issue with Jeremy’s transgression.

Jinger Duggar participates in a remote interview in August of 2023. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

“Take your hat off inside. Sorry, I’m old school about men and hats,” complained one demanding redditor.

“Me too. One of my few rules are hats off in the house,” wrote another. “And don’t even get close to kitchen counter or dining room table with the dang thing!”

Another griped: “God he’s so annoying. He gives off such an arrogant vibe. Like, you’re just wearing a hat and eating sushi, humble yourself.”

Jeremy Vuolo Talks to a Fan
Jeremy Vuolo answers a question here from a fan on Instagram. The answer got him in trouble. (Instagram)

Generally disliking Jeremy is both understandable and likely to make people dislike anything that he does.

We all know how that goes. You hate someone so you genuinely shudder in disgust when, technically, they’re just sitting there.

It doesn’t mean that your loathing isn’t fully valid. But specific things might bother you more. Is this one of those cases?

Jinger Duggar is basically raising a middle finger to her dad by wearing these pants. (Instagram)

If you look at certain traditional manners, the consensus would be that Jeremy genuinely committed a faux pas.

Wearing a hat indoors, particularly in any sort of dining situation, is impolite by these standards.

Historically, there are specific clothes that one wears outdoors and indoors. Many of these social expectations date back centuries (or longer), and formed with different definitions of “hat” than we use today.

Jinger is speaking her mind like never before these days. And her parents might not like what she has to say. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

With that in mind, we do have to talk about how a lot of these ideas seem … way, way out of date.

Manners are not morality. While being rude is generally wrong, what defines rudeness is a social construct.

Right and wrong are immutable and absolute, albeit sometimes difficult to define (or agree upon). What qualifies good manners changes widely across culture and time.

Jeremy Vuolo and Famous Wife
Jeremy Vuolo posted this photo of himself and his wife toward the end of 2020. They look great together! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

For example, for most Americans, covering your mouth with your hand while laughing might seem secretive or eccentric.

In contrast, Japan would call this a “horse laugh.” It is an impolite way to laugh there.

But our focus here, when it comes to the hat question, has more to do with the passage of time than it does with culture.

Kiss from Jinger
Jeremy Vuolo has a smile on his face here for a good reason. He’s getting a smooch from his wife. (Instagram)

Frankly, society knows better than to reinforce certain antiquated views.

A lot of ideas about “manners” are full of gendered brainrot. While some are common sense (it’s polite for men to stand away from the elevator button to give others a little more comfort), a lot are nonsense.

The expectation that genders cross their legs in different ways? Absurd — and rooted in the assumption that women are in skirts.

Jinger and Jeremy swear they’re doing well. Can’t say they look thrilled in this photo, though, you know? (YouTube)

So maybe this is just another outdated, arbitrary rule. If you’re at a casual dining place without any weird dress code, why take off your hat? And where would you put it?

I don’t know. I’m not a hat guy. But Jeremy clearly is.

Speaking of which … maybe he’s a little sensitive about his hairline. Not that he needs an excuse to wear a hat. It’s a hat. There are a ton of valid reasons to roast the guy, but hat-wearing isn’t really one of them.

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