Jenna Ortega Reacts to Gen Z Stereotypes & Teenage Portrayals on Film & TV

Jenna Ortega is opening up about being a teenager on camera.

The 20-year-old Wednesday actress got candid while playing Hot Ones with Sean Evans.

During their conversation over spicy chicken wings, Jenna spoke about Gen Z, stereotypes of teens in film and TV, and how they’re often branded as “unintelligent.”

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“I think for me, because I look a bit younger, I’ve been acting for a little over a decade now, so I’ve just been a teenager pretty much in stories. I feel like it’s always the ‘bratty teen,’ the ‘bad-mouthed teen,’ or a lot of times ‘unintelligent,’ which I don’t think is true,” she said.

“I think it’s hard too nowadays with all this new lingo coming around but I feel like my generation, because there is so much accessible to them on the Internet, there’s just more opportunities for them to learn. I wish they were given a bit more credit. We can be smart sometimes,” Jenna continued.

Jenna is about to appear in a music superstar’s feature acting debut!

Watch her appearance on Hot Ones

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