James Duggar CANCELS “Duggars Gone Wild” YouTube Channel Amid Growing Backlash

There was a time — not all that long ago — when Jim Bob Duggar enjoyed the undying loyalty of an army of adoring offspring.

Of course, that was before Josh Duggar was exposed as a predator who was enabled by the culture of abuse and silence created by Jim Bob.

Also, Jim Bob is no longer the head of a multi-million dollar media empire, so he doesn’t have quite as much clout as he used to.

We may never know if all of this factored into James Duggar’s decision to rebel against his parents by launching his own irreverent YouTube page.

There he goes! James Duggar is off to London in this photo of the ex-reality star. (Photo via Instagram)

But whatever the case, the 21-year-old is definitely testing his boundaries and sowing his oats these days.

Of course, he still lives with his ultra-conservative family, and he probably relies on them financially, so even though he’s an adult, James’ parents can still rein him in from time to time.

And it seems they did exactly that in response to James’ most recent YouTube content.

James recently took a trip to London with friends. (Photo via Instagram)

As we reported last week, James traveled to London with some friends recently, and he documented the trip on social media.

“Next stop, London,” James captioned a photo of himself aboard a plane.

On his YouTube channel, James disregarded his family’s rules by dining in pubs and interacting freely with members of the opposite sex.

James Duggar is testing his boundaries — and he might be infuriating his parents. (Photo via Instagram)

It seems that he’s attempting to establish himself as an influencer, and he’s hoping to send the message early on that his videos will be more humorous and irreverent than the usual Duggar content.

But he may have recently received a harsh reminder that he’s not totally free of his father’s influence.

As UK tabloid The Sun reports, James’ YouTube channel was originally named “Duggars Gone Wild,” an obvious reference to the infamous “Girls Gone Wild” video series,

James Duggar has been sharing self-created content on YouTube. But his parents might not be happy with his web presence. (Photo via Instagram)

James has now nixed that title, likely as a result of pushback he received from the public or his parents.

But if you’re a fan of his content, fear not.

It seems that Jim Bob and Michelle’s eighth son is planning to continue uploading videos — he’ll just be using the much tamer name of “James Duggar Vlog.”

“Stay Tuned!” James captioned a recent video that showed him and his friends playing soccer using their cars and a giant inflatable ball.

“I plan to have more videos coming out,” James added.

“And hopefully, if you all think I should do more of this, we’ll keep some more content coming, but who knows?”

James’ parents might not be huge fans of page — but he already has nearly 12,000 subscribers, so clearly someone is enjoying his videos!

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