Is Porsha Williams Returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Only if Bravo Pays Up!

Just shy of two years ago, Porsha Williams bid an emotional farewell to The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

She is an iconic Bravolebrity. Many of RHOA‘s remaining viewers miss her.

Season 16 is on the horizon, and the word is that Bravo has some changes in mind.

They’d love to have Porsha back. But if they want her to reclaim her peach, they’re going to need to pay up.

On August 31, 2023, Porsha Williams shared this glamorous photo alongside the caption: “Know your worth.” Was she sending someone a message? (Instagram)

You can’t make a peach cobbler without a lot of dough.

According to a new report from Entertainment Tonight, Bravo will have to make RHOA worth her while to get her to return.

“Bravo has been trying to get Porsha to come back to The Real Housewives of Atlanta for the possible cast shakeup,” an insider confirms.

Porsha Williams on TV
Porsha Williams was a main cast member on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for years. (Bravo)

“But,” the source describes, “she’s playing hardball.”

And she’s not just asking for a payday. Porsha apparently has higher aspirations.

“Bravo offered Porsha a lot of money to return,” the insider dished. “But she declined.”

Porsha Williams Following Her Arrest
The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams was arrested in 2020 during a peaceful protest seeking justice for the vicious murder of Breonna Taylor. (Instagram)

“Porsha is telling friends she wants to be the highest-paid Housewife on any franchise,” the insider gossiped.

“Porsha could return,” the source added.

“But as of now,” the insider went on to share, “she and Bravo have not come to an agreement.”

Porsha Williams Smiles with Satisfaction
The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams knows when she has come up with a great line, so she grins with glee. (Bravo)

Just to be clear, that report does not say that Porsha is telling Bravo that she’ll only return if she makes more than any other Housewife.

Instead, we’re hearing that she’s telling friends that she’d like to be the highest-paid Housewife. Which … yeah. Who wouldn’t want that?

A lot of networks have used a lot of tricks — even dirty ones — to underpay the people who enrich them. Everyone deserves just rewards for what they contribute.

Porsha Williams at Home
Porsha Williams spent time in the hospital in November 2020 and then shared this photo when she got out. (Instagram)

Porsha just addressed the idea of returning last month. But she was leery of sounding too eager and ending up embarrassing herself.

“I mean, listen, it’s so [good] to be missed. It would be bad if it’s brought up and you’re like, ‘No, she can stay where she is,’” she reasoned.

“I love that people want to see me,” Porsha affirmed. “I love that people are still interested in my life and who I am.”

Porsha Williams Promo Pic
Porsha Williams made an emotional announcement in late 2021. She is leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta. (Instagram)

“I’ve never written it off, I’ve never talked down on the show,” Porsha emphasized.

“I love what the girls are doing,” she affirmed. “I love that the brand is still as strong as it was before.”

“And,” Porsha added, “you just never know. I will say [that] I’ll never say ‘never.’”

The title card for The Real Housewives of New York City Season 14 shows an array of fresh faces: Brynn Whitfield, Erin Lichy, Jenna Lyons, Sai De Silva, Jessel Taank, and Ubah Hassan. (Bravo)

Meanwhile, reports have said that Bravo is planning a shakeup of RHOA. Possibly one as drastic as what they did to RHONY — especially since RHONY 14 is such a refreshing change.

This isn’t just something that production is whispering. Reportedly, the cast themselves received warnings ahead of their recent Reunion.

It’s possible that one or two of them might get to stick around during a major shakeup. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll see Porsha again.

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