Heather Gay BLASTED by Sister Nancy: Sorry Whitney Met the REAL You!

Despite all of Heather Gay’s black eye drama last season, one storyline was much more serious — and long-lasting.

Though friends and also relatives, Heather and Whitney Rose were feuding hard during RHOSLC Season 3.

The pair of fan-favorites tore viewers apart, with some just hoping that they’ll settle their differences.

But Heather’s own sister is weighing in — and warning Whitney that Heather will never be a true friend. Yikes!

There was a time when Heather Gay and Whitney Rose had the strongest bond on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

They had a close friendship. It won over fans and helped them to stand against some intense on-screen foes.

On Season 3, all of that came crashing down. Whitney insisted that Heather should admit, on-screen, to a private conversation that the two had off-camera about Lisa Barlow.

The two had a bitter falling out.

Eventually, Whitney wanted to mend fences and return to their erstwhile friendship.

Heather seemingly did not. She felt like Whitney had wronged her, and was not hoping to just pick back up as if nothing had happened.

Heather Gay found herself public enemy #1 during the Midseason 3 trailer for The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. (Image Credit: Heather Gay)

RHOSLC viewers will remember Nancy Meaux. In addition to being a vowel-collector for her last name, she is also Heather’s sister.

On screen, we watched as Heather and Nancy met after little to no contact that lasted for two decades.

Heather has since left the Mormon church. But, at the time when Nancy departed the controversial religious organization, Heather was still part of the religion. And a massive rift grew between them.

In some very public Instagram comments, Nancy is now letting loose about her sister.

“[Whitney] Stop waiting for Heather. Until she has a use for you, she has no use for you,” she wrote.

“Believe me, I know,” Nancy assured. “I waited 20+ years for her, only to be used for a storyline in Vail.”

According to Nancy, “She hasn’t spoken to me since the day we filmed.”

Speaking of filming together, Nancy has come to see it as a grim milestone.

“I consider it to be the last conversation we will ever have,” she explained. That is so very sad.

Heather Gay
Gay is a divorcee who has distanced herself from the Mormon church after splitting from her husband.

“It was nice to meet you in Vail,” Nancy told Whitney.

She concluded by expressing: “Sorry that you finally saw the Real Heather.”

That sounds very emotional and painful. But is it true?

It sounds like Nancy is accusing Heather of using her for a storyline and then throwing her away.

We know that some reality cast members will exploit personal relationships for on-screen drama. Most often, we hear about people trotting out their children on camera when they are not the parents that they pretend to be off-camera.

But it is possible that Heather and Nancy’s story has more nuance to it than that. Reunions can be painful (and not just the Bravo kind). Maybe Heather and Nancy just need more time.

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