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Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign and people often have wrong ideas about them. They are ruled by Uranus and are known for being different. But let’s clear up some myths about them:
1. Aquarius Don’t Feel: Some think Aquarius don’t have emotions. They do! They care a lot about others, just in their own way.
2. Aquarius Are Weird: Some say Aquarius are all super strange and smart.But not all of them are like that. They are just regular people with different interests.
3. Aquarius Fear Commitment: Some believe Aquarius can’t commit to relationships. It’s not true. They can be loyal if they find the right partner.
4. Aquarius Are Always Social: People think Aquarius love parties and being around lots of people. But some like being alone or with a few close friends.
5. Aquarius Are Emotionless: Some think Aquarius are cold and don’t feel anything. But they do have feelings, they just show them differently.
Aquarius are unique, but they’re not all the same. They feel emotions, some are smart, some are not, they can commit, they’re not always social, and they do have feelings. It’s important to understand them better and not believe these myths.

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