Congress: BJP attack on Rahul Gandhi stems from ‘ignorance & contrived politics’, says Congress | India News

NEW DELHI: In the face of BJP’s sustained attack on Rahul Gandhi for his comments on Indian democracy during a lecture at Cambridge University, Congress on Saturday hit back, saying the statements of the governing party stemmed from ignorance and “completely contrived politics”, both of which have no place in a democracy.
Congress said BJP’s comments only reinforced every thing Gandhi had said about the state of democracy in India. Delivering a lecture at the university, Gandhi had remarked that Indian democracy is under attack and several politicians, including himself, are under surveillance.
Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate referred to Gandhi as a flag-bearer of the“values India is built on”, adding that when the four-time MP speaks in Cambridge about a world fraught with tensions and the significant role India can play in it, he is actually lauding Indian democracy.
In a video in which Gandhi’s comments on China are juxtaposed with that of PM Modi and foreign minister S Jaishankar, Congress also said it was the PM and the BJP government that was having a “love affair” with China, accusing Modi of giving a “clean chit” to Beijing.
Congress also rubbished BJP’s contention that Gandhi spoke “ill” of India on foreign soil by referring to the Israeli spyware Pegasus. She said it was public knowledge that the fact-finding committee tasked to look into Pegasus had informed the court that the government didn’t cooperate with it.

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