Celebrities Send Their Kids Back to School

The last moments of summer have arrived, which means many of us are already plotting our Halloween costumes and shopping around for cute and creepy autumnal decor. For parents, of course, the end of summer also means kids are starting to head back to school.

For many parents, celebrities included, the occasion stirs up a mix of pride and emotion. It also often necessitates a classic back-to-school photo shoot and Instagram post, and already, celebrities from Jessica Alba to Jamie Lynn Spears have excitedly documented the occasion. From sending kids off to their first day of kindergarten, like Khloé Kardashian did with daughter True this year, to dropping kids off at college, like Kevin Hart with his daughter Heaven, the first day of school is often more emotional for parents than kids.

“For anyone wondering, no I’m not ok!” Kardashian wrote in her post. “Next it will be prom.” Meanwhile, Hart was just as emotional as Kardashian while dropping his daughter off for college. “So proud of my daughter . . . I cried in the car!!!” he wrote in his post.

Ahead, check out the stars who have proudly — or tearfully — documented their kids’ return to school.

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