Capricorn Horoscope, 5 March 2023: You need to manage your finances better

Carve out time for doing things that make you happy. Take better care of your mental health. Your lucky number for the day is sixty six and brown is your lucky color today. To plan your day better read the full horoscope and unfold all the secrets that the stars behold.
Positive– Ganesha says you have been working towards achieving your complete potential and are on the right path today.
Negative– Your expenses have been piling up. Today would be a good day to start saving or even investing your hard earned money.
Lucky color– Brown
Lucky number– 66
Love– You are healed from your past experiences and are ready to put yourself out there and open your heart to a new connection today.
Business– You will have a tricky day at work wherein you might be confused about how your business plan is coming along. Don’t push yourself too hard today.
Health– You need to take better care of your mental health today. Carve out time for doing things that make you happy.

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