Babita of Ashram show showed her beautiful look in bikini, you will also go crazy after seeing the pictures

The third part of the Ashram web series has been released on 3rd June and the fans are once again falling in love with this web series. Once again all eyes are on Babita Mata aka Tridha Chowdhary. Tridha Chowdhary won the hearts of people in the first and second season. In such a situation, pictures of Tridha Chowdhary also become viral on social media.

A few days ago Tridha Chowdhary shared a picture on her social media in which she is standing with a glass in her hand and taking a selfie together. The look of the actress looks killer in the picture. Aashram is released on OTT on 3 June. The long-awaited release of the third season of Aashram has taken the entire social media by storm with the release. Tridha Chowdhary, who is seen in this series, has once again managed to win the hearts of the people.

In this season of Ashram 3, Babita’s character is in the lead role. Babita i.e. Tridha Chowdhary has given many bo*ld scenes in the series. In such a situation, her fans are liking this picture very much and people are going crazy about her. You must have seen Tridha Chowdhary many times in saree avatar but she looks very different in bikini avatar.Aashram’s Babita crosses all limits of Bo*lsnesh; Photoshoot done on the road wearing transparent clothes

Trigha’s look in bikini avatar goes viral as soon as it arrives and sets everyone’s heartbeat. Babita, who looks simple in the ashram, lives in a very bo*ld avatar on social media. Tridha Chowdhary’s bikini pictures will tug at your heartstrings and every look of it will make you swoon.Babita of ‘Ashram’ blows her senses with bo*ldness, shares bo*ld video wearing two-piece

Tridha Chowdhary is seen showing her toned figure and bo*ld look in her pictures. In these pictures, Tridha Chowdhary is seen wearing bikini and posing killer. In these pictures, Tridha is seen without makeup and her no makeup look is very much liked by the fans.Viral Video: Babita ji wore such a dress, had to be repaired again and again

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