Atlanta FBI office targeted in gate-ramming incident, probe under way


NEW DELHI: A shocking incident occurred on Monday afternoon when a driver rammed a red SUV into the front gate at the Federal Bureau of Investigation‘s Atlanta headquarters. The crash, which happened around noon, led to the SUV crumpling against the barrier, surrounded by tactical vehicles. The FBI Atlanta confirmed that after the crash, the suspect exited the vehicle on foot and attempted to enter the facility.Special agents nearby apprehended the suspect shortly after he exited his vehicle. The FBI is currently assessing state and federal charges.
Video evidence of the SUV being towed away emerged by late afternoon. The driver’s identity remains undisclosed, but media reports suggest the individual was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta for evaluation. DeKalb Police, responding to the scene at 3000 Flowers Drive, are working towards securing warrants for the suspect involved in striking the gate at the FBI Office.
During a televised press conference, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Peter Ellis shared that the driver attempted to follow an employee into the facility before hitting the closing barricade. However, when asked about the possibility of this being a terrorist attack, Ellis stated he couldn’t confirm any indications of such motives at this point.
FBI Atlanta has announced that there is “no clear motive” behind the crash. Initially, the bureau confirmed the incident saying, “A person rammed into FBI Atlanta’s front gate shortly after noon today. The suspect was taken into custody by Dekalb Police. There are no injuries, and agents are checking the car as a precaution.”
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