Anna Kendrick Doesn’t Like Watching Movies Anymore & Says Becoming An Actor ‘Ruined’ Them For Her


Anna Kendrick isn’t in love with going to, or watching movies anymore.

The 37-year-old actress, who has been promoting her newest flick, Alice, Darling, this month, revealed in a new interview that once she pursued her passion for acting, watching the end product was ruined for her.

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The reveal happened during her appearance on The Hot Ones, where she opened up about her own career and the movies that she would roast.

“I think that when you start making movies, there’s a period where they’re kind of ruined for you, because you’re just thinking of behind-the-scenes and how the sausage gets made of it all,” Anna shared. “And now, I feel like it’s just sort of second nature that’s a running script in the back of my head.”

She added that “when a movie is really bad, it’s so much worse, because I can see like, ‘Why that choice? It would have been so easy to do this or whatever.’ And when it’s good, the running script is not just like, ‘I’m immersed and it’s great.’ There’s a running thing in the background like, ‘Oh my god, every department just nailed it.’”

“I kind of get this bonus appreciation for all these people who came together and made this thing,” Anna concluded.

You can watch Anna‘s full appearance on The Hot Ones below:

Recently, Anna reflected on Twilight, in which she starred opposite Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

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