Angela Deem vs Big Ed Brown Could Be the Alien vs Predator of 90 Day Fiance

During Part 2 of the explosive 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Tell All special, a breakup happened on screen.

Embarrassed by his own clownish lies, Big Ed Brown demanded that Liz Woods return the ring. It was their eleventh breakup.

Ed is certainly one of the biggest villains in franchise history. But there’s always something worse out there.

The Part 2 cliffhanger showed a furious Angela Deem looming menacingly behind Ed. This could get so ugly.

We wouldn’t go so far as to call Angela Deem and Big Ed Brown’s looming faceoff a “clash of the titans.” And not just because it would seem to be a cruel jab at Ed’s height. He gets enough of those from Andrei.

But it has the potential to be a real spectacle to behold.

Is Angela a good person? Obviously not. But just as a stopped clock is right twice a day, even someone like Angela can see the injustice of what Ed has done to Liz Woods. Let’s refresh our memories, shall we?

As Part 2 got underway, Big Ed’s ex participated remotely. Production had asked Rosemarie Vega to refute his lies, and she delivered.

Shaun Robinson had asked Ed what should have been an easy question: has he had any contact with his ex, Rose?

Ed seemed to silently panic, oscillating between “I don’t know” and “no.”

Liz was right there. She watched Ed struggle to answer a simple yes-or-no question. And she heard him double down on “no” even after Rose described him asking her to video chat.

Meanwhile, Rosemarie herself is no stranger to Ed’s dishonesty. She, too, had once become tangled in his web of manipulation, insults, and lies.

At production’s request, Rose had provided the Tell All with text messages from Ed. One appeared on a screen for Liz to read aloud.

In August of 2021, just weeks after he and Liz became engaged, Ed asked to “come to the Philippines again to see you.”

It’s not salacious — but he and Liz would both have to think carefully to figure out if this was after one of their many breakups.

The main issue was that Ed had simply lied about this. He humiliated himself but he also embarrassed Liz in the process.

So Ed reached out to his Ex a month or so after proposing to Liz, and possibly during their relationship. And then he lied about it.

As angry as Liz felt, Ed seemed solely focused upon himself. Instead of taking responsibility, he went Full Clown.

Ed put all of the blame on Liz — insulting her, accusing her of stirring up drama. Liz did nothing of the sort. All that she did was sit there while he lied, and then feel betrayed and angry because of those lies.

Angela had stored off of the Tell All stage in a huff without even sitting down. But the rest of the cast saw all of this.

Yara and Shaaeda said a little — Shaeeda confirming Liz’s assessment of what happened, Yara reacting with shock at Ed’s racist “me no speak English.”

And Kimberly laid into Ed, noting that Liz had (obviously) done nothing wrong, and that evidence of Ed’s lie was on the screen for anyone to read.

At this point, Rose, too, was still witnessing every moment on the Tell All stage.

Rose called out her ex for how he was treating his current fiancee in front of her and the whole world.

“Why are you lying to her if you truly love her?” she asked. That’s a good question. But Ed did not provide an answer.

We could all see the tears on Liz’s face.

Their most recent reconciliation had been the best in their relationship’s history, according to Liz.

Even then, she felt crushed. And when Liz spoke about how she had lost so much respect for her fiance, he lashed out again.

Big Ed held out his hand, demanding: “Let me have my ring back.” Wow.

This was, by their own count, their eleventh breakup.

Sadly, this retaliatory move — designed to punish Liz for daring to hold Ed accountable — is entirely consistent with his previous behavior. In the past, he has kicked Liz out of the house and rendered her homeless when he’s not getting his way.

To no one’s surprise, pretty much the entire cast was Team Liz.

Sure, Bilal seemed quietly supportive of Ed, if not of his behavior. And Angela wasn’t there at all.

Later, Angela returned to the Tell All stage. She spoke about things with Michael. And then everyone went to the hotel to prepare for Day 2 of filming this four-part Tell All.

Liz had time to speak with her castmates about this latest exercise in cruelty from Ed. Then, he made his move.

The two went upstairs to speak one-on-one (on camera, of course).

Multiple cast members kept an eye on the two of them. Liz is clearly in a vulnerable place, and Ed is exactly who he has chosen to be.

Liz reminded Ed that this was not even his first time breaking her heart at a Tell All. We all remember when he wormed his way back into her bed and then dumped her (again) via text immediately after.

Ed seemingly cannot take even the mildest or fairest criticism, and accused Liz of faking her outrage as a “performance.”

He kept saying “performing” again and again like some sort of chant to delegitimize Liz’s feelings.

Meanwhile, the other men on the cast did not count themselves among Big Ed’s fans.

Jovi and Andrei may not get along all that well, but they both discussed Ed’s behavior. Neither could imagine treating their respective wives how he treated his fiancee.

Big Ed showed up to confront the two of them. Neither of them backed down. Jovi offered thoughtful criticism. Andrei was a bit harsher.

As we have all witnessed, Big Ed cannot handle criticism. So he simply began calling Jovi a “pussy.” Juvenile and oafish.

Jovi did not take the bait. Unlike Ed, he is a young man with a happy family life.

Outside, Liz had sobbed while bringing her other castmates up to speed on where things stood. One of those castmates was Angela Deem.

You know in Jurassic Park or those unfortunate Jurassic World films, when a previously threatening dinosaur from earlier in the movie charges out during Act 3 to inadvertently save the humans by attacking a new threat? That is the vibe here.

Angela is wrong about so many things. But even she sees Big Ed for what he is.

The end of Part 2 did not show their confrontation, merely Angela’s “excuse me.” But considering the ominous vibes from this moment, we are all eager to see Part 3.

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