Angela Deem Gets Pampered by Production After Tantrum and Fans Are FUMING

Thus far, one thing about this 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tell All special has been glaringly conspicuous.

Sadly, we don’t just mean that Season 7 has a four-parter, one involving two days of filming. We mean Angela Deem.

The infamous franchise villain has been up to her usual tricks, including screaming insults at castmates. And storming off the set.

But production is still treating this rage-fueled trouble-maker like a princess. Viewers are sick of it.

TLC and Sharp Entertainment have fired 90 Day Fiance cast members in the past. Sometimes for valid reasons, sometimes not.

“Baby Girl” Lisa Hamme left the franchise after her N-word scandal (more than one, actually). Geoffrey Paschel is rotting in prison where he belongs — long before his trial, he did not receive an invitation to his season’s Tell All.

On the flip side, production cut ties with Larissa Lima after she filmed a CamSoda livestream in breach of contract. That covers a pretty broad spectrum of behavior.

With all of that in mind, let’s look at Angela’s behavior. First of all, she is chronically late to these Tell Alls.

It’s not just something that viewers have noticed. She loves to walk out onto the stage when everyone else is already seated.

She wants the attention — and her castmates have discussed this. It’s a pain for them to deal with.

Angela didn’t even sit down on the Tell All stage initially. She walked out, making her clownish grand entrance.

And then she immediately launched into a heated, vicious fight — lashing out at Usman Umar unprompted.

She quickly turned her ire towards anyone else who dared to ask her to sit down and be respectful. Namely, Yara Zaya.

After all of that, Angela stormed off of the stage. Again, without even sitting down.

She left the building, demanding that her friend Jen drive her back to the hotel. Why? She decided to get angry for no reason, and as is always the case with Angela, she made it everyone else’s problem.

Eventually, Angela did return as if all of her behavior were normal or acceptable. And look at the reception:

Instagram blogger @MerryPants called out the conspicuous “star treatment” that Angela Deem receives despite her behavior. (Image Credit: Instagram)

As blogger MerryPants pointed out on Instagram, production did more than just welcome Angela back with open arms.

Producers were also on hand to provide her with her drink — and to help her swap out one pair of shoes for another.

On the one hand, we get it — it’s all about helping make the show happen. But on the other … it sure looks like preferential treatment. Treatment that she does not deserve.

A number of 90 Day Fiance fans expressed disgust that production is still catering to Angela and her ego. They would prefer to see the show cut her loose.

Of course, this is not just about her Tell All shenanigans. Angela’s bad behavior stretches back years, and includes very serious wrongdoings.

Unfortunately, we suspect that the show will not cut her loose until she begins to be less profitable. Her abhorrent behavior draws viewers.

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