Why Did Janelle Leave Kody Brown? The Answer is a Little Complex …

With increasing creativity, Kody Brown blames Janelle leaving him on anyone and anything but himself.

The embattled Sister Wives star seems unwilling to face the truth. Which is a shame, because he would only need a mirror to find the culprit.

But that doesn’t mean that Janelle’s departure was a simple, one-step process.

Just about everyone is happy for her now that she is living her newly single life. How did we get here?

Obviously, we have all watched this play out for years.

Before the family’s big move to Flagstaff to carry out Kody’s grand dreams for Coyote Pass, most people expected Meri to break away. Or at least, many people sympathized with her and hoped to see it happen.

But after the move, the dynamic shifted. Christine left, then Janelle. And Kody seemingly unilaterally decided that Meri might as well be an ex, too.

As we have previously reported (at length), various inside sources have opened up about Janelle’s alleged thought process.

“Janelle is a strong independent woman and realized she can do it on her own,” an insider told In Touch Weekly last year.

That same source went on to characterize Janelle as deciding to move on from Kody after she “outgrew him.”

Janelle Brown is no longer tied to Kody Brown. We’re so very proud of the former sister wife!

The move to Flagstaff was not the only problem within this plural marriage.

In recent years, Kody has openly feuded with the adult children whom he shares with Janelle.

We can sympathize with Kody’s desire to follow guidelines amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. But he made unilateral rules for the entire family. Christine and Janelle, and some of their children, bristled under Kody’s restrictions.

We saw this play out early last year, during a January 2022 episode.

Janelle shared how Kody was griping about their sons, Gabe and Garrison, accusing her of not “being careful” with their social lives.

“I think you understand the big picture that I have, and I want you to just respect that, OK?” he insisted.

Kody Brown is irate in this photo. He’s reacting to the news that Christine no longer wants to be his sister wife.

Janelle’s response was a very simple “You know, f–k off.” She resolved to spend Thanksgiving 2020 with their kids, not with Kody.

In November of 2021, Christine made a wonderful announcement:

After more than a quarter of a century of marriage to Kody, she was leaving.

Christine Brown recalls the moment that she knew that her now 21-year-old daughter was not heterosexual while speaking to the confessional camera on Sister Wives. (Image Credit: TLC)

Given that their marriage was spiritual and never legally recognized, this was a simple matter — at least, as far as paperwork goes.

Christine has done well for herself. She chose herself and she chose happiness.

And Janelle chose to follow in her footsteps. Kody did not like that at all.

Kody griped last year about how Janelle and Christine were such good friends now that Christine had left him.

He accused Janelle of “rejecting” him and “choosing to have” a close bond with Christine instead of his remaining wives.

It really seems like he framed this as Christine’s doing, rather than his behavior alienating both of them.

Janelle Brown appears to have slimmed down of late. She looks great, doesn’t she?

For the record, Janelle felt like she was in a very awkward position.

“Now the relationships [have] changed. We’ve said some very harsh things to Kody. Now it’s different,” Janelle remarked before leaving the marriage. “I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.”

Fortunately, Janelle and Christine are living their best lives. We’re sure that we will continue to learn more about Janelle’s journey.

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