Top 10 Super Bowl 2023 Commercials Revealed, Most Popular Ads Ranked by Views

The 2023 Super Bowl commercial numbers are in!

Super Bowl LVII went down on Sunday (February 12), with the Kansas City Chiefs reigning over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Along the way, there were dozens of commercials from advertisers all paying millions of dollars in the hopes of securing eyeballs on their products, with a global audience of millions.

The Top 10 highest-viewed commercials from the night have just been revealed, and we’ve rounded up the results. One thing that sticks out for sure: the ones with the celebrities were far and away the biggest hits. Only one Top 10 commercial didn’t include a star!

YouTube’s analysis of Super Bowl ads is based on the traction solely on game day, so views on ads released before then weren’t factored into the count. The ranking is based on global views from 12:01 a.m. ET until the end of the game, via Variety.

Here’s what the most popular Super Bowl 2023 commercials were…

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