The Worst of Evil teaser sees Ji Chang-wook joining Wi Han-joon’s criminal gang: Watch

After releasing a bunch of stills from the series, the makers of the Korean drama The Worst of Evil have finally released the first teaser of the series. Starring Ji Chang-wook, Wi Ha-joon, Lim Se-mi and others, the highly anticipated series will air on September 27.

The crime-action drama, The Worst of Evil follows the story of Park Joon Mo, a police officer who embarks on an undercover mission to dismantle a large drug operation located in Gangnam. This area was known as the hub of drug trafficking in the 1990s, connecting Korea, China, and Japan.

Check out the teaser here:

The teaser begins with Park Joon-mo starting a covert operation to take down a major drug syndicate in the 90s Gangnam. He confronts Gi-chul, the head of the network, and asks him, “Are you Jung Gi-chul?”. In response, Gi-chul invites Joon-mo to join him, creating a suspenseful moment.

The Worst of Evil

The series will see Wi Ha-joon portray the role of Jung Gi-chul, the heartless head of the Gangnam Alliance, who had a difficult childhood. With only his determination as his weapon, Jung Gi-chul climbed the ranks and ultimately became a dominant mafia boss. He not only took over Gangnam but also became the leader of a significant drug cartel with sway over three countries.

The Worst of Evil

Other pivotal characters are Lim Se-mi who plays the role of Yoo Eui-ung, an elite narcotics officer and Joon-mo’s wife along with BIBI as Hae Ryun, who plays an important role in the Chinese drug factory’s distribution.

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