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“Shotgun Wedding,” starring Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel, features a destination wedding gone awry due to some seriously unwanted guests: a group of people who take the bride and groom’s families hostage. But would any of the members of the movie’s star-studded cast crash a wedding in real life? News JoJo asks stars Jennifer Coolidge, Steve Coulter, Callie Hernandez, and Selena Tan if they’ve ever snuck into nuptials they weren’t invited to, and their answers are surprising.

While Coolidge plays over-the-top characters on screen, she tells News JoJo she can’t imagine crashing someone’s wedding. “I don’t think I have the guts . . . I wish I did,” she says. “Unless it was some massive wedding, it would be hard to do, and it would be really embarrassing if they threw me out.”

Likewise, Hernandez and Coulter are invite-only guests — although Coulter reveals he did sneak into the New York City restaurant Tavern on the Green one night. Tan confirms that she actually crashed a wedding (or at least its afterparty) in real life. “We saw a wedding party going, it was like the afterparty, so we just went in and had a couple of drinks. It was all alright, I’m sure they didn’t mind,” she says with a laugh.

During the interview, the stars also share that they’ve never been to a proper destination wedding, aside from the fictional one they attend in the film. Still, Coolidge is hopeful that one day one of her “White Lotus” or “Shotgun Wedding” costars will invite her to a lavish wedding in a far-flung locale. “A Dominican Republic wedding! Maybe Callie will get married . . . and we’ll all go down there,” the Golden Globe winner says.

Watch the full interview above to see Hernandez reveal the most romantic wedding she’s ever attended and hear why Coolidge wishes her name were News JoJo.

Image Source: Ana Carballosa / Lionsgate

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